Product Services

Technical Customer Support (Hotline)

The experts of our HOTLINE stand by to answer your technical questions regarding portable or rack-based products and sensors.

For local assistance with technical problems or commercial enquiries, please refer to our sales partner in your area.

Calibration Services

Measurement accuracy and reliability are vital for early fault detection. For this reason we have built up one of the most advanced and extensive calibration facilities in Northern Europe.

All of our instruments, monitoring modules and sensors are calibrated at the factory, but it is highly recommended that these be recalibrated at regular intervals, depending on usage and the environment. Our calibration techniques conform to the most stringent international standards, and we are an officially certified DKD/DAkkS lab (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst / Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle).

We offer 3 calibration levels at fixed rates: BASIC, PRO, and DAkkS standard calibration. And we also calibrate non-Brüel & Kjaer Vibro sensor brands! 

Product installation and verification

Our Product Service organization has deep experience, allowing us to deliver world-class service that ensures your online machinery protection and condition monitoring systems operate reliably and trouble-free. We can help you install and maintain these systems, freeing you to focus on your core business.
We can assist you with:

  • Installing, optimizing and maintaining sensors and monitoring systems to published specifications and certification requirements
  • Managing and coordinating product updates
  • Verifying sensor and monitoring system performance
  • Diagnosing and correcting product hardware/software problems
  • Managing your spare parts program for sensors and monitoring systems
  • Documenting mechanical and electrical run-out checks in the shop or on-site
  • Turnkey services to retrofit sensors and monitoring systems on machines without existing instrumentation
  • Generating, assisting, or performing third-party factory acceptance tests

System design

We can provide custom designed systems for continuous machinery monitoring that fit your specific needs. We can assist you with every type of machine - pumps, fans, blowers, steam and gas turbines, hydro turbines, reciprocating and rotating compressors, and more.

  •     Project management
  •     Electrical and mechanical designs
  •     Sub-contractor management
  •     Installation
  •     Commissioning and optimization
  •     As-built documentation
  •     System training

Product Repairs

In line with our market reputation as a high quality supplier, all our products have been designed for reliability and durability.

However, in those rare situations where repairs are needed, our Service Center in Darmstadt, Germany will quickly return your instruments to operational order. In urgent cases, our optional “Express Repair” service offers rapid repair and turnaround.

As many of our legacy products are still in use after 20 years, we have made a special effort to stock original parts for these instruments and maintain facilities and technicians to repair them.

Rental Equipment

If you need special equipment for a onetime job or if you want to try our products prior to purchase – we´ll be happy to assist you.

You can rent any of our products, and we are happy to assist you in selecting the product that best suits your needs.

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