Long Term Service Agreements


Uptime and Reliability for Industrial Machinery

The LTSA is the ideal solution for combining a multitude of individual services into one manageable package. It is tailored to the customer’s requirements and budget, and can be used by small, medium and large size customers alike. It is a truly value-added function so you get maximum advantages out of your investment, by improving reliability and performance and optimizing the overall uptime of your system (and your monitored machines).

No matter what services are needed, these can all be packaged in a customized frame agreement that can greatly simplify monitoring system management. The LTSA is a partner contract that ensures the monitoring system is in optimal working condition, thus minimizing the chance for system downtime and consequently unscheduled machine shutdowns. It can also include monitoring expertise for increasing monitoring reliability and accuracy.

Browse our offering below or the LTSA brochure for more information!

Long-Term Service Agreement Highlights

  • Remote or on-site service through a dedicated contact
  • Vast worldwide network of specialists certified to the ISO 18436-2 standard
  • Full cost transparency by calculation in advance
  • One, two and five-year contracts are available
  • From regular maintenance to emergency assistance − everything is encompassed.

Our Long-Term Service Offering

1. LTSA desk
  • Dedicated entry point with priority response
  • Queries logged for escalation process
  • Contact for face-to-face discussions
2. Call center
  • Dedicated focal point for immediate customized help
3. Ticket center
  • Time-based support
  • Hourly rates (per month or year), or upon request
4. System maintenance
  • IT and SETPOINT® CMS/COMPASS Classic/Compass 6000™ maintenance
  • Covering all hardware and software-related questions
5. Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Documentation of the state of the system, including recommendation report
6. Operation support
  • Support the client with system operation, maintenance and diagnostics
7. Diagnostic support
  • Provide analysis
  • Provide recommendations or improvements to better understand machine faults
8. Remote access (covers 4, 5, 6, 7)
  • Remote connection with login available
  • Security procedures within the client’s organization
9. Site visits (covers 4, 5, 6, 7)
  • Periodically agreed (whenever needed)
  • Optimization of performance and operation of the condition monitoring system
  • Includes checking and investigating system (blue) alarms and solution recommendations
10. Training
  • Training on an ad hoc or regular basis
  • Modules customized to meet clients’ requirements
  • Courses can be held on-site or in our factory For more information, please refer to our brochure “Training in Machine Condition Monitoring”.
11. Performance monitoring
  • Update and control settings and display of the performance calculations
12. Offline and online machine condition monitoring
  • Basic setup and baseline measurements
  • Creation of a monitoring strategy and a database set up with measurements
13. Fine-tuning database
  • Optimized settings and adjustment of measurements
  • Threshold, logic, output, display of the system
14. Software updates and upgrades
  • Covering Brüel & Kjær Vibro and third-party software
  • Optional installation (alternatively on separate call)
  • Hardware upgrades, which may be necessary for installation, are not included!
15. Obsolescence
  • Notice for obsolescence
  • Proposal for solution
16. Spare parts
  • Delivery
  • Stock can be proposed or reserved, with shipment delay
17. Field Replaceable Parts (FRP) delivery service
  • Instrument exchange basis (returned parts become the property of Brüel & Kjær Vibro)
  • FRP will be supplied for equipment made by Brüel & Kjær Vibro, not sub-suppliers
  • Replacement parts can be shipped to client within a specified delay (without customs clearance)
18. Repairs and calibration
  • Periodic calibration (usually once per year)
  • Type of calibration to be agreed, also the immobilization time
  • Repair can be covered at fixed fees, also priority
19. Documentation update
  • Maintain and provide customized documents to the last modification
20. Modifications
  • Proposal and implementation of solutions and improvements
21. Security packages
  • System upgrade and maintenance (safety, access, connection)
22. Price schedule
  • Daily rates for site work based on hours per working day
  • Hourly rates for office work
  • Rates for mobilization / demobilization
23. Extension of “working and calendar day” definition
  • Special condition for the definition of extra hours and amount covered
24. Delays
  • Response time (as per contract)



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