Temperature Monitoring Module


The Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM) is a fully self-contained 6-channel temperature / process-variable monitor with its own power regulation and on-board alarm relays. A TMM’s relays can be programmed to use alarms local to the TMM, and/or from other monitoring modules in the rack. TMMs accept inputs from Resistance Temperature Detector (RTDs), thermocouples, and 4-20mA process variable transmitters in any combination.  The module can be configured for a variety of measurements including:

  • Temperature
  • Group average temperature (from user-configured groups)
  • Differential temperature (between 2 temperatures or between temperature and a group)
  • Process variable*

The list of supported measurements is constantly expanding and modules already in the field can be upgraded in-situ using the latest version of Temperature Monitoring Module firmware.

Please visit our downloads section for a comprehensive list of the latest firmware and software for the SETPOINT® system and individual module types.

Part Number: VC-8000/TMM

Reference documents
1077788  Temperature Monitoring Module
1077785  MPS System Overview 
1079330  MPS Operation & Maintenance (ENG)


NOTE: TMM channels configured to make process variable measurements do not provide loop power for transmitters, support only the 4-20 mA signal format, and require an external termination resistor (p/n 100543). UMM channels configured to accept process variables are more flexible and support 1-5Vdc, 0-5Vdc, and 0 to -10Vdc in addition to 4-20mA. They also provide loop power and do not require an external termination resistor. For additional information, refer to TMM datasheet 1077788 and UMM datasheet 1077787.