Compass 6000 Condition Monitoring Software

Compass 6000 is our flagship condition monitoring and diagnostic system for automatic trending of the health of rotating machinery. It is a modular software system that acquires vibration and process data via either Brüel & Kjær Vibro's own rack-based VIBROCONTROL 6000® or any other supplier's machine protection system using the Condition Monitoring Interface VI-6080. Compass’s monitoring information can be easily exported to a number of different systems.

Compass 6000 has been successfully providing integrated, plant-wide monitoring capability to a number of industries and a wide range of machines worldwide since 1993. Its innovative scalability enables it to be easily used in a number of applications, from single machines to a series of interconnected production plants with hundreds of machines. Compass 6000™ has been designed to optimize performance, uptime and reliability of our customers' machines by providing early fault detection for improved maintenance planning.

Of course, we have an extensive service and after-sales portfolio including training and long-term service contracts to ensure the system is always up to date and provides the best possible support for our customers' monitoring and diagnostic requirements.

Plots play an important role in visualizing the status of your machine and analyzing developing faults. All on-line vibration and process measurements can be viewed in various plots, and include cursors. Graphic zoom functionality lets you look more closely at the data.

Adaptive monitoring strategy is used in the Compass 6000 to gain maximum sensitivity to small changes, without generating false alarms.

This technique is used in predictive monitoring to automatically adapt the reference and alarm levels to any given machine condition for reproducible results.

A set of machine states is defined in a monitoring system using speed, relay, binary inputs and any other
single values as defining inputs. As measurements are made and monitored, Compass 6000 automatically recognises a change in a machine’s operating regime. The measurements are then automatically compared to the specific alarm limits for that particular machine state, and stored in the database for the same machine state.