The xms® PC software package represents the central component of a system for condition monitoring and condition diagnosis within the framework of predictive maintenance for machines and plant.

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Vibration data and process values from machines or plant can be acquired continuously or at regular intervals and unloaded to the xms® software. According to how critical a machine is for production, either a permanently-installed on-line system like VIBROCONTROL 6000 Compact monitor or a VIBROTEST® 60 portable data-collector is used for this purpose.

  • Graphic management of user-interface
  • Machines requiring attention are directly highlighted in the database organizer after the unload
  • The source of the alarm at the selected machines is revealed
  • Machines with early-stage damage are identified early
  • Impressive analysis functions
  • Integrated data sheets, e.g. sensors, are always available
  • Online-Process visualisation of measured data via OPC Data Access Server

Monitoring Bands:
Monitoring for spectra measurement

Monitoring bands can be configured for all spectra measurements (incl. BCS, CPB und SED).

To configure the monitoring bands, up to 10 single spectra can be selected for the overlaid display in the diagram.

The configured monitoring bands can be graphically edited using the mouse.

The configured bands can also be switched separately ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ for the monitoring function.

With the SFT function (Single Frequency Trend) all the monitoring bands can be respectively displayed as trends. Thus individual frequency regions that are relevant to some specific damage can be selectively monitored.

Date Export:
Exporting measured data as a file

As a data filter you can select specific measurements for data export and issue them as a list or a diagram.

The format for the export file can be selected from the following types:

  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • XLS (Excel)
  • HTML HyperText Markup Language)
  • XHTML (eXtended HTML)
  • RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)

Demo Mode:
A trial period without registration

Without registration of the program you can try it out with some functional limitations. The following functions cannot be used resp. are restricted during the trial period:


  • Printing of reports; only a print preview is displayed
  • Exporting of data
  • Copying diagrams into the Clipboard
  • Only the first 5 Points in Routes can be loaded and unloaded


  • In the Views <Properties> and <Journal> for SIMS® instruments only the first 7 lines are displayed
  • The function <Reset instruments> for connected SIMS® instruments is not active
  • Process Visualization components are active only for 3 minutes
  • For simulation of online measurements via OPC-server a SIMS®-COM-DEMO-server is available

Technical Information:

  • Pentium IV – 1 GHz
  • 256 MB RAM memory
  • 2 GByte HDD free space
  • CD-ROM drive (20X)
  • Graphic card and monitor for 1024 x 768 resolution
  • PCMCIA-card drive (for VIBROTEST® 60)

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (SP6)/2000/XP/VISTA/WINDOWS 7


  • Realisation of a multi-user concept through the network-capable software with distribution installed databases
  • User-management through various levels of access authority

Modular structure

  • User database and Demo database
  • Unload VIBROTEST® 60 Reports
  • Load and unload VIBROTEST® 60 Routes
  • Login of VIBROCONTROL 6000 Compact monitor data sources
  • Analysis of measured data
  • Online process visualization
  • Diagnosis using symptom markers, e.g. Bearing database with associated damage frequencies

Data acquisition devices

  • Off-line with VIBROTEST® 60 as data-collector
  • On-line Process Visualization of VIBROCONTROL 6000 Compact monitor measurements

Version 4 Features:
The latest Version 4 of xms® has the following new functions:

  • A direct connection to the Soft-Terminal programme for configuration of SIMS® cm/VIBROCONTROL 6000® instruments (data sources) has been integrated.
  • For display of online measurements (via xms® module P10) a new component is available.
  • Two new components are available for arrangement of user-specific Views. Through the Measurement list the measured values for a selected time period in a trend curve can be listed (Vibration, BCU, Band pass, Process values). The Peak list displays the 10 maximum component magnitudes in a spectrum (FFT, BCD, SED, CPB).
  • For deleting measurements – supported by a time-filter function – data elements can be directly selected in the element tree.
  • For a printout of user-specific Views, the most suitable printout format (portrait or landscape) can now be selected.
  • For compression of databases a service sub-programme is now available.

User Interface:

  • Alarm status at all areas of the plant at a glance
  • Graphic or menu-driven navigation allows quick and easy information-zooming
  • Random user-interface layout permits comprehensive machine overview displays

Online Process Visualization:

With the Process Visualization (PV) Module xms® offers a powerful tool for online visualization of the machine condition and continuous processes.

Thanks to OPC technology, in addition to pre-configured connection to our new SIMS® system for online machine monitoring, an online visualization of measured data from other manufacturer’s instruments is also possible. The prerequisite for this is simply a corresponding OPC-server.

For displaying measurements online, you can select from any of the following on-screen display types:

  • Bargraph display
  • Column bar display (e.g. temperature)
  • Digital display
  • Trend display with a ring buffer (multi-channel)
  • Analogue display, circular or segmented

Data Sheets:

  • Integration of pdf files and the Internet as additional sources of information
  • Application-specific documents and displays are precisely inserted into the database
  • Context-sensitive menus simplify your daily routine tasks


  • Modern analysis and diagnosis through matured measured data processing
  • An efficient correlation of measured data  is possible in the multi-measurement display
  • Time-saving machine evaluation through user-specific layout of screen displays

Machine Overview:

  • Each machine diagram is displayed in an overview with user-defined information
  • Relevant information about alarm events is immediately available in the journal

All documents in PDF format unless stated otherwise.

Version 4 of the xms® is now available!



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