Designed to maximize machine uptime.

The machine protection system VIBROCONTROL 6000® easily adapts to all kinds of applications and protects all types of rotating machinery.  Its modular set-up with flexible measurement modules adapts to any kind of vibration monitoring requirement. Redundant power supply makes it ultra-reliable. It integrates into your plant-wide communication system via OPC, MODBUS and proprietary protocol. VIBROCONTROL 6000® does not ask any permanent communication – once the system has been set up and knows “what its job is”, it will run reliably 24/7 without any need for interaction by maintenance staff.

So much for the standard. However, VIBROCONTROL 6000® can deliver much more value to you!
It will not only protect your machines, its capabilities also include distinct diagnostic features such as rotor dynamics or rod-drop measurements. An optional software enables you to diagnose potential developing faults using Bode and Orbit plots as well as FFT spectra. Without any invest in highly sophisticated systems you have all tools on-board!

Looking beyond machine protection, VIBROCONTROL 6000® is the hardware that provides measurement data to our predictive condition monitoring software Compass 6000. Just connect a LAN cable and you enter the world of predictive condition monitoring!

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SM-610 Safety Monitor Modules

The SM-610 Safety Monitor modules are the result of an extensive development concept based on decades of experience and the modern design techniques. The result: High-speed, compact data acquisition modules that integrate a number of powerful features. Virtual “plug-and-play” status may be achieved with only minor on-site changes to the module configuration.

Make your choice of suitable modules from the following categories:

SM-610-Axx – The flexible modules

These Safety Monitor modules can be configured very flexibly. They are designed for monitoring almost all kinds of rotating machinery, with a special focus on the Oil & Gas, hydroelectric and conventional power generation industries. For more information, please refer to the product specifications in the DOWNLOAD box.

  • SM-610-A02/03 – The flexible “allrounders”

These Safety Monitor modules count among our bestsellers! They are suitable for all industries (oil & gas, power generation or process industries) and combine a variety of measurement options with a high input and output channel density. The large number of individually configurable measurements allows a wider variety of monitoring tasks to be realized with the same modules. With only one Safety Monitor module type, stock keeping of spare parts for critical machines is also much easier. Exchanging a module is very easy as they are “hot swappable”, i.e. not impacting the monitoring functionality of other modules.

  • SM-610-A04 – Multipurpose at its best

The SM-610-A04 module offers cost-effective professional machine monitoring for all industries. With its six-channel input, it is easy to monitor many different types of machines. The Safety Monitoring Workstation (Software Type 7126) facilitates measurements and the visualization of measurement values.

Here are two examples to illustrate the machine protection with SM-610-A04:

1: Monitoring of a Generator cooling-fluid pump in an nuclear power plant
2: Monitoring of motors and pumps in a power station


  • SM-610-A05 – Process/Air Gap/Voting

The SM-610-A05 module is suitable for a wide range of applications. When it comes to monitoring hydroelectric machinery, it is the perfect supplement to the Safety monitor module SM-610-A06 because it provides the Air Gap measurement and limit monitoring as well as the measurement and monitoring of process parameters.

  • SM-610-A06 – Dedicated Monitoring of Hydroelectric Machinery

Hydropower plants have specific needs for both protective and condition monitoring. As these machines (turbines, generator and pumps) work in very different machine states, vibrations measured on bearings, axis and cases have to be measured against different limit values. A variety of machine states and different limit sets must be processed by the Safety Monitor module. The different machine states pumping, generator operation or idle status each put a different stress on the equipment, and each state requires an individual set of limits for safety monitoring. As machine states can change very rapidly, an automatic selection of the current state is vital.

This flexible module allows you to define up to 8 different machine states. For each machine state you can define individual Alert and Danger limits for each measurement!

  • SM-610-A07 – Perfectly suitable for Oil & Gas Applications

For many machines in the Oil & Gas industry, it is not enough to monitor just the vibration signals. It is important to also monitor the axial postion and process parameters to get a more complete picture. Protective and predictive monitoring help optimise the safety and the output of your machinery. As a result of its wide input capability, only one type of module is needed to fulfill your monitoring requirements!

SM-610-1xx – Pre-configured modules for special applications

These modules are designed for special applications like rod drop measurements for reciprocating compressors or monitoring 2-spool gas turbines. They are also used for monitoring axial position measurements with predefined 2 out of 3 alarm voting logic for or just as transmitter functions with fast and reliable limit monitoring. Because of their pre-configuration, these modules are fast to commission and easy to use. Choose from the following:

  • SM-610-107: AC/DC vibration and axial position for e.g. steam turbines
  • SM-610-108: Casing and/or shaft vibration of a machine with up to four bearing supports
  • SM-610-109: AC/DC vibration of a machine with up to two shafts turning at different speeds
  • SM-610-112: Process parameters, axial position and speed of a machine
  • SM-610-113: Transmitter channels with full protection capability
  • SM-610-115: AC/DC vibration of a machine with up to five rolling element and/or journal bearing supports
  • SM-610-138: AC/DC vibrations of a machines using vector measurements
  • SM-610-139: Rod drop of a reciprocating compressor with up to four cylinders
  • SM-610-140: Rod drop of reciprocating compressor with up to six cylinders
  • SM-610-145: AC/DC vibration of a machine using vector, speed and axial measurements
  • SM-610-153: AC/DC vibration using vector measurements and axial position (2-out-of-4 logic)
  • SM-610-160: AC/DC vibration of 2-spool gas turbine
  • SM-610-168: AC/DC vibration using vector measurements and axial position (1-out-of-4 logic)

For more information, please refer to the product specifications in the download box.

SM-610-T01 – Temperature Monitoring

The Safety Monitor module SM-610-T01 is designed to monitor temperature limits and perfectly supplements any protection and condition monitoring application.

The T0x series offers direct temperature sensor inputs and a flexible measurement and relay logic configuration. Therefore all requirements for real limit monitoring of temperatures are met; additional converters are not needed. The modules offer highly accurate temperature measurements and therefore ideally supplement every machine protection installation.

For more information, please refer to the product specification.

Type 7126 Safety Monitoring Workstation

The Type 7126 is the configuration and visualization software used for setting up the communications and monitoring modules of the VIBROCONTROL 6000®. The software can be used as a control room user-interface for displaying measurement data and for acknowledging of alarms from any number of VIBROCONTROL 6000® monitors.

VIBROCONTROL 6000® configuration – All monitoring modules are parameterized using this software, which includes module configuration in the rack, communication interfaces, input channels, all measurements, DC outputs and relays and relay voting logic.
Data and alarm status visualization – Overview of all data together with the current alarm limts and alarm status.
Data logging – An accurate record of the condition of new and overhauled machines can be easily made. Vibration and process data from the VIBROCONTROL 6000® can be saved at intervals by the user to a spreadsheet-compatible format for basic diagnosis and analysis.


  • Intuitive, Windows® based software
  • The software communicates with the VIBROCONTROL 6000® via an OPC interface, and can thus be placed within a Local Area Network remote from the VIBROCONTROL 6000® monitors.
  • Alarms can be acknowledged remotely and relays can be reset remotely via the software.

Type 7126 plus – Machine vibration analysis made easy

Get a “snapshot” of your machine condition!

The software can be used as a control room user-interface to display measurement data and acknowledge alarms from any number of VIBROCONTROL 6000® monitoring systems. During machine commissioning, all measurements can be stored at regular intervals in a file for baseline documentation.

The Type 7126 plus is an “add-on” functionality to the Type 7126 software which is used to configure the communication and monitoring modules of the VIBROCONTROL 6000® machine protection system. This enhancement software module allows you to take a “snapshot” of your machine condition, e.g. immediately after commissioning or at any other time.

Type 7126 plus diagnostic measurements:

  •     FFT spectra of all channels
  •     Orbit plot of all channels with rotor dynamic measurements
  •     Bodé plot of all channels with rotor dynamic measurements

The measurement results can be saved in a *.csv file format for future analysis or for comparison of the vibrational behavior of your machine at any point in time.

The Type 7126 plus functionality in detail:

FFT spectra to identify amplitude and frequency of vibrations

  • Up to 5 kHz with 1600 lines resolution
  • Cursor functionality and indication
  • Export to CSV-file

Bodé plot provides the vibrational behavior during run-up or coast-down of the machine to identify resonances. On machines with journal bearings, the plot provides information about unbalance, resonance etc.

  • Cursor functionality and indication
  • Export to CSV-file

Orbit plot to determine the kinetic movement of the center of the shaft. The plot provides information about unbalance, alignment, resonance and other paramaters of journal bearing machines.

  • Cursor functionality and indication
  • Measuring 1st or 1st and 2nd Harmonics
  • Export to CSV-file

Communications, power supply, racks

CI-620 Communication Module


  •     OPC communication with all SM-610 modules
  •     Single or dual Modbus RTU communication interface
  •     Synchronization with an external time reference
  •     Exporting scalar data for visualization, post-processing and storage
  •     Exporting alarm and event information
  •     Exporting digitized time signals for signal analysis, diagnostic monitoring and storage
  •     Global Reset of the monitoring system: Alarm acknowledgment and relay reset
  •     Global Trip Override: Monitoring function ON/OFF
  •     Global Trip Multiply: Trip Multiply function ON/OFF
  •     Interface for Setup & Service

Features exclusive to CI-620

  •     Two D-Sub serial interfaces (RS-232 & RS-485)
  •     100 Mbit TCP/IP Ethernet interface (RJ-45; 100BaseT)
  •     Binary input for global Trip Override ON/OFF
  •     Binary input for global Trip Multiply ON/OFF
  •     Binary input for global Reset (acknowledge alarms & reset relays)
  •     Switch (Normal operation / Service functions)
  •     Reset button (acknowledge alarms & reset relays)
  •     Global OK relay (OR connection of local OK relays of all SM-610 modules)
  •     “Run” LED for display of operating status

PS-615 Power supply module

The PS-615 power supply module is a universal dual-power module that provides power for up to 48 input channels, including sensors (-24 VDC) and all galvanic-separated DC outputs.

The dual AC/DC power connection option can effectively function as a backup in the event of an AC or a DC power failure.

Power is connected to the front panel to provide maximum absolute protection against interference of the input signals that are connected to the rear panel.

The PS-615 can be installed either in the main RC-600 rack or  in a secondary RC-610 power supply rack.

The PS-615 can be used redundant if you use more than one per VIBROCONTROL 6000®system.

Special Features:

  • Laid out for AC and DC voltages
  • Secured against incorrect input polarity and sustained short-circuit of the output voltages
  • Parallel connection for redundant additional supplies is possible
  • Integrated protection against overheating and overload
  • Can be supplied for main rack or secondary rack installation
  • The PS-615 is UL certified

RC-610 Power supply rack

The RC-610 is designed for external mounting of PS-610 power supply modules. This cost-effective method allows up to 48 input/output channels for a single RC-600 rack, or up to 6 racks installed in a standard cabinet. (Even more channel density can be achieved by using the RC-600 vertical bus.)


  • Rugged aluminium housing in 19″ format
  • Compact (3 HU high, 295mm deep)
  • 6 slots for PS-610 power supply modules

RC-600 19″ rack

The RC-600 houses all VIBROCONTROL 6000® modules in a 19″ rack, which include SM-610 Safety Monitor modules, the CI-6xx Communication modules, and PS-610 power supply modules. The RC-600 is designed for installation into a standard 19” frame cabinet. Access to the rear panel is possible by e.g. a swing-frame cabinet or telescoping rails.


  • Up to 36 input/output channels with a PS-610 Power Supply Module
  • Up to 24 input/output channels with redundant PS-610 Power Supply Modules
  • Up to 48 input/output channels with an external RC-610 power supply rack


  • Two D-Sub serial interfaces (RS-232 & RS-485)
  • Rugged aluminium housing  in 19″ format
  • Compact (3 HU high, 325mm deep)
  • 4 slots for either SM-610 Monitoring Modules and PS-610 Power Supply Modules
  • 1 slot for the CI-6xx Communication Interface Module
  • Rear panel board with connecting plugs for inputs, outputs for each module slots
  • System bus contains 1x speed/phase reference access, 1x central trip multiplier, 1x central trip override, 1x central reset, which can be connected to other racks

Predictive maintenance:

Make more of your machine data and reduce your maintenance costs now! Read more


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