VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact Monitor

Flexible online machine protection.

This permanently installed machine protection system easily adapts to customer requirements thanks to a flexible hardware and software concept. There are over 200 powerful and price-optimized standard monitoring solution packages available for this instrument.

VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor (VC-6000® Cm) is used for protecting machines of all types from excessive vibration. The instrument acquires not only vibration data but also process data. In particular, it measures and monitors:

  • absolute casing vibration (according to DIN ISO 10816)
  • relative shaft vibration (according to DIN ISO 7919)
  • rolling-element bearing condition
  • axial shaft position
  • radial shaft position and
  • temperature and process values.

The device is highly flexible and thereby meets all typical monitoring and machine protection requirements. The OPC interface allows for connection to a Windows PC for data export, storage and visualization. Optionally, the instrument comes in a protective housing for use in harsh industrial environments.

VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor can also easily adapt to your monitoring needs – please contact us to find out more about the ideal configuration for your machinery!

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Overview of VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor benefits

  • Provides online machine protection
  • More than 200 standard machine monitoring applications available
  • Customized monitoring solutions can easily be realized
  • Stand-alone instrument or part of plant-wide protection system with PC interface
  • Fits into a cabinet rack in the instrument room or field installation near the machine in an external protective housing


Soft Terminal

With the Soft Terminal software the VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor can be configured from a Windows® PC or over a local Windows® network. The Soft Terminal also visualizises measurement values.

In the simplest case a direct serial connection between a PC and a VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor is available. The OPC DA server and the Soft Terminal software are installed on one PC.

In most cases the connection to one or more VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitors is realized over the network.

OPC Data Access Server Type 7131

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a communication standard based on OLE/DCOM technology. This technology is used by Microsoft® and others to exchange data between individual software application programs. The DCOM-standard permits cooperative processes between completely independently developed software programs and is independent of the program language. The DCOM standard can be seen as a software bus that allows a “Plug ’n Play” function between different software products.

OPC itself stands for the specification of a standard. This standard describes the objects and interfaces which any OPC-server must possess to support communication with any hardware and software.

The S OPC Data Access Server is an OPC-server which allows any OPC-client to process the data from a VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor instrument. For example you are in a position, with the finished solution of the module “Online process visualization” in the xms® software, to visualize, via an OPC-server, measured data from SIMS on the screen of the xms® program.

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