VC-8000 Machinery Protection System

API-670 compliant protection

for critical rotating and reciprocating machinery.

What makes VC-8000 stand out? Better technology, better reliability, and better value. This is why we garnered Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 Customer Value Leadership Award!

VC-8000 can provide custom-designed systems for continuous machinery monitoring that fit your specific needs. We can assist you with every type of machine – pumps, fans, blowers, steam and gas turbines, hydro turbines, reciprocating and rotating compressors, and more. Some of its outstanding features:

  • Full API 670 compliance
  • Integral touchscreen display
  • 56 channels in just 19” of rack space
  • Ultra-reliable architecture
  • Dual- and even triple-redundant power
  • Industry-first full (including waveforms) connectivity to your PI Server
  • Easy upgrade to condition monitoring (no extra hardware needed)
  • Embedded ultra-high resolution flight recorder to capture up to one full year of condition monitoring data even without a CM server
  • Refreshingly competitive pricing
  • Machine states and multi-state alarming
  • And of course, globally available service via our worldwide B&K Vibro network of partners and factory-direct personnel.

Discover why customers all over the world are turning to the VC-8000 machinery protection system.

Did you know?

If you need to be connected to the VC-8000 system from a remote location – no problem! A remote-access licensed module allows you to access the VC-8000 machinery protection system at any time, from anywhere in the world! The remote access is password protected. And the access is cyber secure, even if the IoT connection is attacked.

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Deep experience
Our team possesses deep experience gained through developing and sustaining more than four generations of successive API 670-compliant machinery protection systems.  We pay attention to every detail, ensuring the system works the way you need it to work in the real world – where details matter.

Robust, rugged construction
The VC-8000 rack chassis is constructed entirely of industrial‐grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel – every card guide, every faceplate, every rack panel. In addition to excellent RFI/EMI rejection, these materials are built to last while maintaining their good looks. The VC-8000 system looks professional because it is professional.

Easily adaptable mounting
The VC-8000 system’s design allows the same rack to be used in panel cutout, 19” EIA, or bulkhead mounting configurations by simply employing different rack brackets.  The chassis, backplane, and all modules remain the same. This also means that you don’t sacrifice valuable space when bulkhead mounting – unlike systems that require twice as much space for bulkhead mounting compared to rack or panel mounting.

High quality, highspeed backplane
The VC-8000 system uses state-of-the-art backplane connectors and high-speed design techniques to facilitate ultra‐fast data throughput and outstanding reliability.

Full color, backlit touchscreen
With the VC-8000 system’s optional touchscreen, users have at-a-glance, real-time visibility of every channel and status in the rack on a single screen – no scrolling, no multiplexing. We worked closely with users to ensure the system’s display was intuitive, efficient, and attractive, with a rapid update time so there’s no annoying wait for the screen to refresh with current values. It’s also easy to see under all lighting conditions – including outdoors. And, because it uses resistive (not capacitive) technology, it works with fingers, gloves, and stylus. It can be mounted such that wiring can land on the front or back of the rack, maximizing installation flexibility.

CSM: You choose SETPOINT or the competition

All documents in PDF format and in English language, unless stated otherwise.

Consult our system overview datasheet for comprehensive details regarding architecture, module types and functions, rack sizes and mounting methods, touchscreen display capabilities, configuration and maintenance software, digital communications capabilities, and much more.

Product Specifications

VC-8000 Machinery Protection System Product Specifications and Ordering Information (S1077785002)


VC-8000  Temperature_Monitoring_Module S1077788002

VC-8000_System_Access_Module S1077788 

VC-8000 Rack_Connection_Module_and_External_Power_Supplies  S1078950

VC-8000 Setup_Maintenance_Software S1490124

VC-8000 Signal_Simulator_Interface S1095333

VC-8000 API_670_Comments-Compliance 1365855

Product Instructions and Data Sheets

VC-8000 Hydro Low Speed Machine Instruction (S000024.001) DE

VC-8000 Hydro Low Speed Machine Instruction (S000024.015) CN

VC_8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance EN

VC_8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance CN

VC_8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance DE

VC-8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance (French)

VC-8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance (Russian)

VC-8000_Outline Panel_Cutouts_Dimensions_and_Wiring

VC-8000 Outline_Panel_Cutouts_Dimensions_and_Wiring.ZIP

VC-8000 MPS_Hazardous_Installation_Instruction

VC-8000 MPS_Short-Instruction (English/German)


Remote Panel Cutout Dimensions

VC-8000 Hydro Low Speed Machines Instructions (S000024002) EN

VC-8000/WPH and VC-8000/PSH Weatherproof Housings


VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure (French)

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure (German)

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure  (Spanish)

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure (Chinese)

Press Release

SIL-2 Certification Now Available for the Industry’s Most Innovative Machinery Protection System

Safety Manuals

VC-8000 Backplane and System Integration requirements

Rack Connection Module (RCM)

Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM)

Universal Monitoring Module (UMM)


ATEX Type Examination Certificate

IECEx Certificate of Conformity

SIL certificates

History of VC-8000 & SETPOINT®

The  Machinery Protection and Condition Monitoring System VC-8000/SETPOINT® made its debut at the 2010 Texas A&M Turbo Symposium.  Since that time, it has grown in acclaim and adoption by customers around the world. The pedigree of its designers reads like a who’s who of the vibration monitoring world.

The VC-8000/SETPOINT® product line and its people were acquired from Roper Technologies by Brüel and Kjær Vibro in May, 2017, and the system now serves as the company’s flagship offering for both machinery protection and condition monitoring applications outside the wind power sector.  VC-8000/SETPOINT® CMS products are engineered, manufactured, distributed and serviced via Brüel and Kjær Vibro’s extensive network of factory-direct and sales partner offices.

Product Service

Our Service organization has deep experience, allowing us to deliver world-class service that ensures your online machinery protection and condition monitoring systems operate reliably and trouble-free. We can help you install and maintain these systems, freeing you to focus on your core business.

We can assist you with:

  • Installing, optimizing and maintaining transducer and monitoring systems to published specifications and certification requirements
  • Managing and coordinating product updates
  • Verifying transducer and monitoring system performance
  • Diagnosing and correcting product hardware/software problems
  • Managing your spare parts program for transducer and monitoring systems
  • Documenting mechanical and electrical run-out checks in the shop or on-site
  • Turnkey services to retrofit transducers and monitoring systems on machines without existing instrumentation
  • Generating, assisting, or performing third-party factory acceptance tests

What’s new?

MPS software version 2019 (released March 2020)

Find out more about how the latest version of the VC-8000 machine protection system and software can benefit your application.

  • We have improved the data capturing for rolling-element bearing fault detection and further diagnostics via SETPOINT® CMS. The sample rate for time waveforms was substantially increased which allows users to get deeper insides into typical rolling-element bearing defects like outer/inner race defects,  ball defects etc.
  • Phase measurements now available for radial vibration and velocity measurements at hydropower machinery
  • Peak stretch measurements are now also in available in m/s² (rather than in g only)
  • The VC-8000 SAM module is IEC 62443 Part 4-1, Section 9 eSTS Level 1 certified, thus ensuring the VC-8000 system will not be affected by cyber-attacks

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