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B&K Vibro's VC-8000 Condition Monitoring Solution

VC-8000 Condition Monitoring Solution

Get more value out of machine vibration.

Upgrade your protection system to condition monitoring.

VC-8000 is our innovative API-670 compliant monitoring system that reliably protects your critical machinery.

Do you realize your vibration data has much more value than just for protection? Protection is like an insurance policy, but condition monitoring is like shares that pay dividends, and upgrading to condition monitoring has never been easier.

Here’s the 3-step process:

  1. Contact us to get a license that enables your measuring modules to perform condition monitoring.
  2. Configure your modules accordingly in the VC-8000 MPS set-up software.
  3. Download the free-of-charge SETPOINT® CMS software and connect it to your hardware.

You’re ready to go! 

Your benefits:

  • Use your existing VC-8000 hardware. No need to add extra hardware or exchange anything.
  • You already have another protection system? No problem: Simply add the VC-8000 hardware and SETPOINT® CMS software as described above.
  • Your VC-8000 is already installed remotely in the field? Not a problem either. The VC-8000 MPS set-up software covers this or let our technical support team do the set-up for you!

Start getting more value out of your machine vibration data and upgrade to condition monitoring today.

Small investment – huge savings: More uptime, better performance, more lead-time to machine maintenance.

See our case studies on condition monitoring to learn more about the monitoring strategies we recommend, monitoring techniques we apply and how we’ve helped our customers around the world to increase the profitability of their business.


Read More

Detailed information on the VC-8000 machine protection system.

Detailed information on the SETPOINT® CMS software.

More information on condition monitoring benefits.

See our Knowledge Base for case studies and further information.

Register for our webinars to learn more about the B&K Vibro MPS and CMS solutions, or get in touch for services and  training tailored to your needs!

All documents in PDF format and in English language, unless stated otherwise.

Consult our system overview datasheet for comprehensive details regarding architecture, module types and functions, rack sizes and mounting methods, touchscreen display capabilities, configuration and maintenance software, digital communications capabilities, and much more.

Product Specifications



VC-8000  Temperature_Monitoring_Module S1077788

VC-8000_System_Access_Module   S1077786

VC-8000 Rack_Connection_Module_and_External_Power_Supplies  S1078950

VC-8000 Setup_Maintenance_Software S1490124

VC-8000 Signal_Simulator_Interface S1095333

VC-8000 API_670_Comments-Compliance 1365855


Product Instructions and Data Sheets

VC_8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance

VC-8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance (French)

VC-8000 MPS Operation_Maintenance (Russian)

VC-8000_Outline Panel_Cutouts_Dimensions_and_Wiring

VC-8000 Outline_Panel_Cutouts_Dimensions_and_Wiring.ZIP


VC-8000 MPS_Hazardous_Installation_Instruction

VC-8000 MPS_Short-Instruction (English/German)




VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure (French)

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure (German)

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure  (Spanish)

VC-8000/SETPOINT® Brochure (Chinese)

Press Release

SIL-2 Certification Now Available for the Industry’s Most Innovative Machinery Protection System


Safety Manuals

VC-8000 Backplane and System Integration requirements

Rack Connection Module (RCM)

Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM)

Universal Monitoring Module (UMM)



ATEX Type Examination Certificate

IECEx Certificate of Conformity

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For Support, require a quotation or further information please submit the form below and we will respond back within 1 working day