Compass 6000 CMS

Compass 6000 CMS


Compass 6000 helps detect faults early for improved maintenance planning and automatically trends the health of rotating machinery. To do that, the system acquires vibration and process data via Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s own rack-based VIBROCONTROL 6000® .  Alternatively, it can connect to any other supplier’s machine protection system using the Condition Monitoring Interface VI-6080. Compass’s monitoring information can be easily exported to a number of different systems.

Compass 6000 provides integrated, plant-wide monitoring capability to a number of industries and a wide range of machines. The system is fully scalable. This means, it is in use with single machines up to a series of interconnected production plants with hundreds of machines. Compass 6000™ has been designed to optimize performance, uptime, and reliability of our customers’ machines.

An extensive service and after-sales portfolio including long-term service contracts ensures the system is always up to date.

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Powerful plot functionality

Plots play an important role in visualizing the status of your machine and analyzing developing faults. All on-line vibration and process measurements can be viewed in various plots, and include cursors. Graphic zoom functionality lets you look more closely at the data.

Compass 6000 Plots

Adaptive monitoring strategy

Adaptive monitoring strategy is used in the Compass 6000 to gain maximum sensitivity to small changes, without generating false alarms.

This technique is used in predictive monitoring to automatically adapt the reference and alarm levels to any given machine condition for reproducible results.

A set of machine states is defined in a monitoring system using speed, relay, binary inputs, and any other single values as defining inputs. As measurements are made and monitored, Compass 6000 automatically recognises a change in a machine’s operating regime. The measurements are then automatically compared to the specific alarm limits for that particular machine state, and stored in the database for the same machine state.

CSM Adaptive Monitoring Strategy

Improved auto-backup functionality for Compass 6000TM databases

Databases are the centerpiece of a condition monitoring system. This is the secure storage location for measurement data and information related to the machine fleet for preventative maintenance (long-term trend monitoring) and analysis in the event of a failure. For this reason, automatically generated copies (backups) of the current databases on the server are indispensable and essential when implementing IT security programs to provide protection against cyber attacks.

The latest version of the Compass Auto-Backup software, type ET2220, version 3.2 has been upgraded to include the following functionalities that deliver considerable benefits for the customer. In addition, modifications to the background processes have improved system stability.

New functionalities/Customer benefits:

  • From this point on, the configuration (software setup) allows the user to determine the number of database server backups that should be performed on the backup server. Thus, older backups with data which were also saved with a subsequent backup can be automatically deleted. The customer benefit, from an IT maintenance point of view, is that the user of the backup server does not have to worry about this aspect at all. Everything runs in the background without any actions by the user whatsoever.
  • Due to storage requirements, a Compass backup always involves data compression. During the backup period, no new data can be saved to the database for consistency reasons (database is offline). To make this possible, the data recording software buffers the measurement data into the memory cache. Here, however, the memory capacity is limited; and could result in data loss if the backup process is too long. This can be the case with large databases (data volumes). A workaround is possible through the functionality by performing the data compression first when the current databases are back “on-line” (reducing the time by half). The customer benefit is reduced risk and/or elimination of data loss to current measurement data during the backup process for large databases.

Compass 6000TM: Ten-fold increase in the database storage rate for “VIBROCONTROL 6000® Primaries”

Compass 6000 stands for Condition Monitoring and is the core competence of Brüel & Kjær Vibro. In addition to the Compass Database Server, the VIBROCONTROL 6000® Machine Protection System (VC-6000®) is also a core component. VC-6000® continuously monitors the machine’s oscillation and process variables known as the “primary values”. Independent of the safety function, these “primaries” are automatically saved for condition monitoring in the Compass Database.

Until now, the storage rate, in other words, the smallest possible time interval during which 2 primaries can be saved to the database, was limited to 1 second. With the latest version of Compass 6000, this maximum save-rate will be increased 10-fold up to 100ms (fast primaries), one of the fastest in the market.

What are the associated benefits?

  • The benefits of this substantially higher storage rate become especially important when the machine is in a transient operational state (high changes to the rotation speed, for example).
    To adequately record this state, typically known as run-up or coast-down, a high sampling rate are imperative (storage rate).
  • In the current version of Compass 6000 (3.6.21570), you can configure the system in such a way that what is known as the “adapted measurements” rotation speed and/or amplitude dependant can be saved to the database with a storage rate of up to 100ms (>>utilisation of speed logging). With the announcement of these enhancements, a gap has been closed for VC-6000® primaries with the implementation of a 100 ms storage rate. Vectors are an exception (primary amplitude and phase). These can still only be transferred and saved once per second, although also up to 100 ms for utilisation as “adapted measurements”.

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