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As turbines age, the risk of machine failure increases. The expense of replacing a single component can be enormous (think of a gearbox), but add to that labor costs and a crane at a site that’s difficult to access.

Maintenance expenses can reach up to 20-25% of the total levelized cost per kWh produced over the lifetime of the wind turbine. This large expense is heavily influenced by the reliability and quality of operation and maintenance decisions that have to be made for these machines.

If you do not know the condition of your wind turbines, how can you avoid expensive failures and cost-effectively plan maintenance ahead of time?

Condition based maintenance utilizing an effective monitoring solution is the answer. However, such a solution has to provide more than simple data and monitoring alarms. It has to deliver quick and reliable information for service crews to act on.

If your turbines didn’t come with a CMS, this is not a problem. We stand by to retrofit them or replace your obsolete monitoring equipment at any time.

Installing a monitoring system pays back within a short period of time – provided it comes with a lot of expertise in analyzing and diagnosing wind turbine faults.

We’ve put decades of experience and tons of data into developing ours. It consists of:

Market-leading data acquisition hardware

With more than 30,000 condition monitoring units sold, DDAU is one of Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s best-sellers. The latest generation, DDAU3, features powerful on-board analysis capabilities. Besides vibration, the multi-channel instrument captures a number of operating parameters and easily integrates into SCADA or PLC systems. Operation is fully remote – no park server required. Thanks to its internal storage capabilities, DDAU 3 can capture and safely store data during even extended offline periods. It is a cyber-secure edge-device, designed for simple upgrading and customization.

DDAU3 was designed to perform today’s most demanding condition monitoring and diagnostic tasks.


VibroSuite Software for Overviews and in-depth Diagnostics

VibroSuite is the companion software to DDAU3 and interfaces with it directly. The program suite provides an effective diagnostic platform to all types of turbines and to users of all levels of expertise. It is stand-alone and completely client-owned. The VibroSuite Alarm Manager efficiently avoids alarm flooding and has been designed with intensive focus on the alarm handling and reporting process, greatly reducing the workload of analysis specialists.

VibroSuite.WEB, the customer portal of VibroSuite provides access to current and historical alarm and report status. It provides an at-a-glance overview of the wind park and enables the user to perform fleet-wide comparison of data as well as detailed analysis of individual wind turbines.


More than the standard: Our diagnostic services

We provide a system that fulfils the monitoring and diagnostic requirements of the most demanding users, but we also provide this expertise as a service. A team of GL and ISO 18436 certified experts in our four surveillance and diagnostic centers monitors thousands of turbines all over the globe. As CAT II-CAT IV experts, they look at every detail when it comes to turbine health, detecting developing faults, determining its severity and predicting lead-time to maintenance: From optimal sensor positioning to the delivery of high-quality advice. We provide support should an emergency arise or in-turbine personnel is needed.


Fully flexible service packages

You want us to do the commissioning, installation and monitoring for you? We are happy to provide a turnkey solution and host your data.
You prefer to do it all by yourself? No problem at all. We will supply the hardware and software to you and assist as needed in setting the system up.
Even a combination of both is possible. We make sure to find the solution that best fits your needs!


Why B&K Vibro?

As pioneers in monitoring wind turbines and with over 60 years of condition monitoring experience, we have developed a sound understanding and the expertise of detecting and analyzing faults early on. It is not just the experience of having seen many different faults on all types of wind turbines.

For years, we have collaborated closely with owners, operators, service providers and manufacturers. The result? We call it the next generation wind turbine condition monitoring solution. This includes the holistic approach for monitoring wind turbines, where we utilize various monitoring techniques, not just vibration, on major wind turbine components, not just the drive train.

We are independent of machine manufacturers, monitoring many different types of wind turbine generators. Our ground-breaking systems for remote monitoring are now in use in thousands of wind power facilities.  With us, you get:

  • Hotline support/global support
  • 15+ years of experience in monitoring thousands of units
  • Proven track record of savings by up-tower repairs, crane cost savings, insurance cost savings and much more
  • Detailed advice in a concise format
  • Complex fault recognition
  • Complete service packages : training, system maintenance, upgrading, monitoring, diagnostics
  • Data hosting
  • Full data transparency
  • IoT connectivity with cyber-security

To see more, read the brochure  360 ° coverage – Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines



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