Condition Monitoring for the HPI (Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Industry)

Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, the performance, availability, and security of your machines are essential in the oil and gas industry and the petroleum-refinery field. Our condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery play a key role here.


In general, the machine monitoring requirements in the hydrocarbon-processing industry are demanding and especially so when monitoring an LNG plant. Components need to withstand the extreme operational temperatures. In addition, there are potential failure modes not found on similar machines in other industries, which need to be detected and diagnosed both reliably and at an early stage.

Automated early detection of incipient faults is crucial to enable sufficient lead time to plan the necessary remedial maintenance actions. Machines operating at different speeds and loads require a monitoring system tailored to the different operating conditions to avoid false alarms. This adaptive monitoring concept, widely used in the petrochemical industry, is vital in the monitoring of LNG plants.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro is keenly aware of the challenges in the LNG industry and has been providing successful safety, condition and performance monitoring solutions to the LNG industry for over 15 years. They stand out for:

  • Fully automated monitoring

This ensures data is captured and analysed for all operating conditions.

  • Early fault detection

Monitoring techniques are implemented to detect potential failure modes in their early phase of development, so action can be taken before a machine trips unexpectedly. Post mortem tools are of course essential, but Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s monitoring concept helps to avoid the machines failing in the first place.

  • High-resolution event monitoring

Brüel & Kjær Vibro records detailed data with extremely high resolution for up to 15 minutes around a user-defined event.

  • Remote diagnostics

Our remote diagnostic team stands by to assist with all levels of diagnostics and analysis support.

  • Application solutions

Within the LNG industry as in all other industries, Brüel & Kjær Vibro is completely focused on providing the necessary system, diagnosis and detailed supporting information necessary to help avoid unplanned machine downtime; no matter where the customer is located or what level of technical expertise and resources they have on-site. Brüel & Kjær Vibro helps minimize downtime by preventing machine failures, rather than just understanding what happened after the event! This is based on a dedicated monitoring philosophy that has been developed and refined over the years to ensure optimum results are achieved right from the start-up of machinery.

The crucial quality advantage

Increase availability and performance. Do you need maximum system availability? Our systems and services are focused on this goal, for full performance of your plants.

Take advantage of industry expertise. As one of the pioneers in condition monitoring of machinery, we have a strong understanding of your industry. This expertise flows through to our systems, thus resulting in early fault detection and diagnostics of a full range of machine types.

Benefit from reliable project management  Whether for minor or major projects – with us you will always have a clearly defined point of contact. And you can be sure that your project manager is backed by a skilled team of experienced industry specialists.

Industry maintenance requirements, application solutions, monitoring strategies for individual machines and the typical monitoring system installation can be found in the Knowledge Base.

For more information on our large oil and gas customer base and many projects with more than 3,000 measuring points each, please get in touch or contact our sales partner for your region.

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