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Steel, mining, cement, pulp and paper, maritime and other industries – our monitoring solutions for rotating machinery are in use in many applications around the world. They all require dedicated monitoring solutions and strategies:

The mining industry

The machines monitored in this industry typically use rolling-element bearings and turn at slow speeds. These include crushers, stackers/reclaimers, vibrating screens, conveyors, vibrating feeders, magnetic separators, slurry and vacuum pumps, classifiers, agitators and compressors. We have a lot of experience in monitoring and diagnostics of large, slow-moving variable speed roller element bearings and this experience can be directly used in the mining industry machinery.

VCM-3, the cutting-edge data acquisition, and condition monitoring device, is ideally suited to cost-efficiently and reliably this kind of machinery.

The cement industry

The primary machines monitored in this industry include crushers, mills, separators, roller presses, separators, conveyors, feeders, air compressors and fans. Many of these machines use rolling-element bearings and are powered by electric motors with gearboxes. We have perfected the monitoring and diagnostic techniques for rolling-element bearings and gearboxes to a high level, and under the most demanding operating conditions as well.

Find out how the  VCM-3 can help you to save costs and increase the reliability of your systems in the cement industry.

The maritime industry

We are currently monitoring a wide range of merchant and military ships that are powered by diesel engines, gas turbines, and nuclear reactors. Our monitoring solutions focus on the main bearings, shafts, couplings, gearboxes, electric motors, and turbochargers.

VCM-3, our cutting-edge monitoring device is a perfect fit for assets in the maritime industry.

Steel production facilities

The cold rolling mill portion of the plant is the most extensively monitored, but one of the most challenging because of the environmental conditions. The working rolls are monitored to not only detect bearing defects but also to maintain the quality of the steel being produced.

Automatically detect developing faults early with VCM-3, and get a reliable diagnostic indication on the type of fault and its severity for your steel production machines.


Pulp and paper processing

Numerous rolls and felts on the paper machine are typically monitored in this industry. Monitoring is done to determine the condition of the rolling-element bearings of the rolls, roll alignment, roll balance, felt quality, roll surface quality, and the condition of the electric motors and gearboxes. The quality of the paper is also optimized by monitoring the rolls to ensure “chatter” due to resonant vibration does not occur.

VCM-3 will keep your machines rolling!


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The crucial quality advantage

  • Flexible solutions. Do you have special requirements for your monitoring solution? Our experts will tailor our flexible systems to meet your needs.
  • Broad spectrum of application expertise. Depending on the plant and particular use, identical systems can actually have different monitoring requirements due to, for example, capacity requirements, the condition of the machinery or the quality of the raw materials. We incorporate this industry-specific experience when configuring the monitoring solution to  the customer’s needs.
  • Reliability in any environment. Whether in highly demanding environments, in high-temperature applications in the steel industry or in aggressive environments in other industries – the ruggedness and longevity of the products used for our monitoring solutions will ensure maximum uptime for your machinery.


Why B&K Vibro?

  • Hotline support/global support
  • 60+ years of experience in monitoring thousands of units
  • Proven track record of successful installations
  • Reliable fault recognition
  • Complete service packages : training, system maintenance, upgrading, monitoring, diagnostics
  • Full data transparency
  • IoT connectivity with cyber-security

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