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Why a Brüel & Kjær Vibro

Long-Term Service Agreement?

For more information or a Long-Term

Service Agreement proposal tailored

to your needs, please give us a call


+49 6151 428-1424

or write to


A vast amount of experience and many studies clearly prove that an effective

condition monitoring strategy significantly reduces the life cycle costs of producti-

on machinery. What is not entirely understood by many, however, is the import-

ant role service plays in this capacity. This is especially true in plant-wide

monitoring applications where there is extensive safety, condition and perfor-

mance monitoring for many machines.

High-technology monitoring systems have several servers and an extensive

front-end. Such a system not only completely monitors the machines, but it also

shares this information with numerous other systems, operators, maintenance

staff, administrators and even third-party machine manufacturers and consul-

tants. Services are therefore very important for reaping maximum benefits out of

the system, such as for operating, fine-tuning, maintaining and upgrading the

system and its interfaces. This is in addition to a number of services for diagnos-

tics, performance monitoring and training.


Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

is the ideal solution for combining

a multitude of individual services into one manageable package. It is tailored to

the customer‘s requirements and budget, and can be used by small, medium

and large size customers alike. It is a truly value-added function so the custo-

mers get maximum advantages out of their investment, by

improving reliability

and performance

of their system (and their monitored machines), and


zing the overall uptime

of the system (and machines).


Long-Term Service Agree-


at a glance:

- Remote or on-site service through


dedicated contact

- Prioritized delays

- Vast worldwide network of

specialists certified to the

ISO 18436-2 standard

- Full cost transparency by

calculation in advance


One, two and five-year contracts

are available

- From regular maintenance to

emergency assistance − everything

is encompassed.