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safety system provides reliable protection of your

hydro machines with an alarm-relay reaction time of only 10 msec!

Hydroelectric power generation is playing an ever more vital role in global

energy production; thereby rendering machine uptime, reliability and efficiency

pivotal elements in its operational profitability. With increasing demands on

operational and maintenance requirements, effectively monitoring these

machines is of paramount importance.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s Compass 6000

Monitoring System

provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for the

hydropower industry that can be tailored to meet customer-specific needs.

A monitoring solution that grows with your

requirements: From protection to full diagnostics

Compass 6000 is a plant-wide system offering protection, condition and perfor-

mance monitoring capability. The system was designed for scalability, thereby

enabling use in both the simplest and most demanding applications. The

machine protection hardware part of the system, VIBROCONTROL 6000


, can

be upgraded to an advanced diagnostic system without additional monitoring


Scalable monitoring for the hydropower market


Highlights Protection

• Simultaneous monitoring of all


• Integrated power supply of


• 4-20 mA and buffered signal


• Relay outputs with voting logic

• Up to 8 sets of alarm limits for

machine states

• Complies to ISO 7919,

ISO 10816 and others