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Company values and expertise ...
Being able to deliver good business
value to you is based on several im-
portant building blocks; our people,
experience, customer focus, technol-
ogy, quality and our own business
and ethical values. It is this unique
combination of qualities that makes
us successful.
Protecting and correctly diagnosing
multi-million dollar machinery de-
mands precision and responsibility
from the monitoring system supplier.
We are steered by quality assurance,
from product development, testing,
vendor management, sales, and
implementation to service and after
sales support. The products and ser-
vices that are provided comply with
the relevant international and local
standards, norms and certifying bod-
ies. In fact, we are actively involved in
a number of international standards
organizations, including ISO, VDI, DIN
amongst others.
Company application
We maintain a culture of customer fo-
cus throughout our organization. This
requires intimate knowledge not only
of our customers’ monitoring require-
ments, but also of their machines and
operating processes within our strate-
gic markets. Due to the high expertise
required in our application solutions,
we develop and test these together
with end-users, machine manufactur-
ers, process control system suppliers,
international standards organisations
and other institutions. Customers are
an invaluable source of information
and the ongoing collaboration with se-
lected end-users such as Shell, BASF
and others, has been instrumental in
both developing and optimising our
application-based condition monitor-
ing solutions. Many of our standard
products are also engineered in close
collaboration with machine vendors
like Thomassen Compressors Sys-
tems, MAN Turbo, Siemens or Vestas.
What is the end result of this? Our
application knowledge combined with
our extensive experience within the
fields of vibration and condition moni-
toring, enables Brüel & Kjær Vibro to
tailor the monitoring solutions to cus-
tomer-specific requirements. For this
reason we can deliver comprehensive,
integrated condition and performance
monitoring solutions to the petro-
chemical, oil & gas, wind power,
hydroelectric and thermal power
industries. We also provide machine
protection and innovative compact
monitoring solutions for rotating
machinery OEMs.