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Innovative project delivery
and services
Project management is an inherent
requirement in turnkey solutions.
With the increasing tendency towards
larger and more complex projects,
the demand for effective project man-
agement is ever increasing.
Our Project Team has been imple-
menting monitoring solutions with
many of the world’s leading oil & gas,
petrochemical and power compa-
nies and their engineering, procure-
ment and construction contractors.
These projects include greenfield
installations, brownfield expansions
and retrofit projects. Owing to our
extensive experience in this field,
project requirements are addressed
internally and form part of our stand-
ard solution offering. This includes
project management, documentation,
drawings, factory acceptance and
site testing, system commissioning,
reporting, training, ongoing services,
and long-term service agreements.
Our service portfolio comprises a
wide range of support services de-
signed to address a variety of cus-
tomer needs. These services include
system maintenance and upgrades,
training, remote data analysis and
fault detection, advanced diagnostics
and service agreements. All of this
can be tailored to meet specific cus-
tomer requirements or combined in a
long-term service agreement.