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… requires
a partner
that adds value
Brüel & Kjær Vibro is the world’s
leading independent supplier of
protective/safety monitoring, and
knowledge-based condition and per-
formance monitoring solutions for
rotating machinery. Our solutions,
incorporating a wide product range
and global service organisation, are
tailored to maximize safety, plant utili-
zation and operational effectiveness,
while minimizing unplanned outages
and maintenance costs.
We have been providing effective
monitoring solutions longer than any-
one else, and this is all we do.
More than a company that supplies
effective monitoring solutions, we are
a partner in your business.
The profitability and competitive edge
of a plant is inextricably linked to the
operation and maintenance optimisa-
tion of the production machine assets.
Is this a challenge in your company?
In the past, machines and machine
components were over-designed and
operated at constant loads. Life cycle
times were easily predictable and
a time based maintenance strategy
was sufficient to remedy most faults.
Additionally, a team of well-qualified
operators and maintenance crew
were always at hand.
Consequently, the need for machine
condition monitoring was minimal!
Today’s situation is a far contrast
to that of the past. Lean computer-
designed machines are operating
ever closer to their limits, and the
need for production flexibility leads to
widely variable operating conditions
and machine loads. The result is an
increase in the number of potential
failure modes and a very broad mean
time to failure of the machine compo-
Furthermore, the ever increasing cost
of feedstock and fuel for the ma-
chines demand optimal operational
efficiency. And where are the qualified
maintenance crew? There has been a
significant reduction in the knowledge
base and expertise within companies
as a result of downsizing, and remote
These elements combine to make a
condition and performance monitor-
ing strategy not only viable, but indis-
Tackling today’s maintenance challenges ...