Become an ISO-certified vibration analyst now: Premium CAT I–IV training program

This globally recognized certification for Category I–IV vibration analysts complies with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2.

  • As our client, you have full access to our CAT I–IV Vibration Analysis Training offering.
  • We conduct training programs around the world.
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Vibration Analysis Training: CAT I Vibration Analyst

  • Participants: Personnel new to vibration monitoring and analysis or staff members who are looking for an introduction to vibration analysis, condition monitoring and maintenance practices.
  • Topics: Periodic, single-channel data collection and analysis.
  • Prerequisites for CAT I certification: Participants have six months of experience in vibration analysis, have completed the course and successfully passed the examination.
  • Duration: 3 days, optional examination on the 4th day, 2 hours

Vibration Analysis Training: CAT II Vibration Analyst

  • Participants: Personnel with 12 months or more of vibration analysis experience and a basic understanding of vibration theory and terminology.
  • Topics: In-depth study of machinery faults and their associated spectra, time waveform and phase characteristics.
  • Prerequisites for CAT II certification: Participants have 18 months of experience in vibration analysis, have completed the Category II course and passed the Category II vibration analyst examination. Category I is not a prerequisite for certification as a Category II vibration analyst.
  • Duration: 4 days, optional examination on the 5th day, 3 hours

Vibration Analysis Training: CAT III Vibration Analyst

  • Participants: Personnel with more than two years of vibration analysis experience and a solid understanding of vibration theory and terminology.
  • Topics: Diagnosing the widest range of vibration-related fault conditions, performing balancing and alignment, and understanding, diagnosing and correcting resonance faults.
  • Prerequisites for CAT III certification: Participants have 36 months of experience in vibration analysis, have completed the Category III course and passed the Category III vibration analyst examination. Participants must have been previously certified as a Category II vibration analyst.
  • Duration: 4 days, optional examination on the 5th day, 4 hours

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Vibration Analysis Training: CAT IV Master Vibration Analyst

  • Participants: Personnel with more than five years of vibration analysis experience aiming to be a chief diagnostic analyst or consultant
  • Topics (amongst others): Advanced signal processing including cross-channel measurements (phase, coherence, transfer functions, etc), structural dynamics (resonance, mass/stiffness/damping), modal analysis, balancing rigid and flexible rotors, displacement sensor and phase reference measurements, polar, Bode and full spectrum plots, fluid film bearings, rotordynamics and modeling; machine faults (unbalance, misalignment, etc.); standards (ISO, IEC, API)
  • Duration: 45 hour online training (Part 1) + 4.5 days classroom course and exam (Part 2).

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B&K Vibro wins award – June 2019

During the last Mobius Institute partner meeting which was part of the CBM conference in June, B&K Vibro received an award for the best Student Growth in Europe 2018/19. Congratulations to João Pedro Pais, Bruno Jardin and the dedicated B&K Vibro Mobius training team for their contribution to helping our customers succeed in Condition Monitoring and Machinery Protection.

What people are saying about these courses


“This was a super course! Looking forward to doing the CAT 2,3,4” – CAT I student

“Great job! It was fun to learn and to see you work on my own data” - CAT I student

“Good room for questions and debate. Animations were EXCELLENT! Videos were [an] excellent supplement for learning” – CAT II student

“The professionalism was touchable, that was a big pleasure for me to learn from Joao [Pedro] and of course the team was also great” – CAT IV student

"The trainer had a sound knowledge and was able to give comprehensive answers to all of my questions. I really appreciated to have an exchange with the other participants, each with his own expert knowledge" – CAT IV student

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am a beginner and don’t really know what course is suitable for me, can I get guidance and recommendations?

Q: What if I do not meet the experience requirements, can I still take the course and exam?

  • You will be always welcome to join any course, if you think you will benefit from the it. However, previous knowledge is important as not all principles will be covered in all courses.
  • You can even join the exam if you wish to challenge yourself, however if the required experience is not achieved you will not be certified.
  • If you pass the exam you will be provided with a pendant certificate, but you will not be certified.
  • When you do meet the experience requirements you can contact us and once your experience is verified you will be certified and receive a new certificate.
  • If you are unsure if you have the necessary pre-requisites, please reach out to our experienced team who will advise you.

Q: Is it mandatory to pass the examination in order to become certified?

  • We offer 2 types of courses, those with international certification, and those from our own design, which includes machinery diagnostics. For a course with international certification as per ISO 18436, the certification exam is optional. It’s up to the participant to decide if they will take the exam or not.

Q: The list of courses B&K Vibro offers seems extensive, but I cannot find a course for my specific requirements, is there a solution for me?

  • B&K Vibro can offer customize courses to suit your requirements. B&K Vibro has experience in several industries, and it is rare that we haven’t already dealt with a case study like your application. To customize a course, please contact our experienced team who can discuss your needs.

Q:  Can you assist me with a visa application if I need one for travelling to B&K Vibro’s training facility in Germany or Denmark?

  • If you wish to travel to one of our training facilities, we can provide you with the necessary letter of invitation for your visa application. B&K Vibro won’t arrange your full visa though. You should consult your company’s travel agent for the necessary requirements.
  • B&K Vibro is also able to travel to your company location or a hotel in a location convenient to you. Please contact our training team for more details on arranging on-premise training.

Q: In which languages are the courses delivered?

  • By default, B&K Vibro delivers its courses and material in English, even if the instructor has another mother language. As a global organization, we may have a trainer that is qualified and can speak your local language. Please contact us to find out more.

Q: What do I need to bring for the training course?

  • The material will be provided to all participants upon commencement of the course. Some of the B&K Vibro courses offered may provide e-learning lessons prior to the course and others may require you to have equipment. B&K Vibro does supply demonstration kits for the courses. Once you book your course, you will be informed what the requirements are to ensure you are prepared.
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch are provided along with a pend and notebook. For clarity on a particular course, please contact our experienced team.

Q: If I believe my level is very good and I would like to continue learning more, is there an option for further education and training?

  • Willingness to always learn is the sign of skilled people, just like us. Please contact our experienced team where we can offer you an array of courses in ISO 18436 Category-IV certification, advance rotor dynamics, turbomachinery and large Fluid Film Bearing machines.

Q: After having attended a course, what are my options to learn more in the future?

  • If you haven’t discussed the different opportunities we offer during the class, it is always possible to talk with us afterwards. Please contact our experienced team where we can offer you an array of courses in ISO 18436 Category-IV certification, advance rotor dynamics, turbomachinery and large Fluid Film Bearing machines.

Q: This course appeared too virtual for me, I was expecting more practical, hands-on. What have you got to offer?

  • The course outline is provided upfront detailing the style and format of training for each course. Practical components often require lots of equipment in the classroom, and it is important that you specify prior to signing up for a course what you are expecting if it’s not clearly stated in the course outline. Feel free to speak our experienced team about options. B&K Vibro also offers customized training for individual needs.

Q: How can I prove I was in a course, what do I get to demonstrate this?

  • Upon completion of B&K Vibro training courses, all participants will receive an attendance certificate. Where applicable, a certificate of completion with levels or scores may be sent to the participant after the course date. BK Vibro is a recognized Training Center with a well-established brand in Condition Monitoring and Machinery Protection training.

Q: If I fail an exam, what options do I have?

  • The most important factor of training is that participants learns something. It is possible to re-sit an exam and the course instructor or our experienced team can talk about options with you. That said, the success of course examination passes rate is very high. This is primarily due to the course instructor providing quizzes throughout the course to prepare you for the exam.

Q: If I feel during the course that I don’t have the right skill-level, or do not understand some items, how can we solve this?

  • Our instructors are here for our participants and you may ask questions during the training sessions or outside of those hours. Sometimes training sessions will have a mixture of skill-levels in the class and the instructor will ensure that all levels are catered for. In most instances, the course will have pre-requisites that participants must meet in order to attend the course. If in doubt, please speak to your instructor or contact our experienced team.

Q: If a question pops into my mind after the course has ended, how can I raise this?

  • Course material is often repeated throughout the course to ensure our participants fully understand the subject matter, however if you have concluded your course and still have some questions, please contact our experienced team
  • Our goal is to transfer our knowledge to ensure you can perform your daily tasks at work. It’s also important to us that we impart the necessary information in order to work at the certified level.  

Q: How can I avoid an instructor moving away from the course outline I signed up for?

  • If, during the course, you observe that the course outline doesn’t match what was originally advertised, then please raise this with the Instructor in a break. Our professional instructors are here to keep the course on track and fulfill the course outline advertised. If participants discuss a topic that takes the course in a different direction, the Instructor will advise the group and if time permits, it will be addressed at the end of the session.
  • Sometime there are examples raised that may interest everyone, illustrating with a case study what was learned, this is different, and the instructor and all participants will benefit from this.

Your trainers: Certified by the Mobius Institute

Your Vibration Analyst Training will be conducted in partnership with the Mobius Institute through our Cat-III/IV certified instructors, rotating machinery diagnostic specialists who have long been active in servicing clients around the world.

They will be happy to share their in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience, led by our senior instructor João, accredited to deliver all courses including Cat-IV, see below.

João Pedro Pais, a mechanical engineer with a solid background in plant reliability and condition monitoring and he is a Category IV Vibration Analyst with 20 years of experience in machine fault diagnosis in several industries (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Process, etc). Due to his expertise, vast practical skills and experience, he is a technical committee member of MIBoC – Mobius Institute Board of Certification, being concerned with technical matters related to the certification of vibration analysts and has recently been nominated a CAT IV course instructor.

Preview instructor certification

For your peace of mind: Partnership with the Mobius Institute 

The Mobius Institute offers Vibration Analysis Training around the world as well as training on topics such as optimized equipment availability and condition monitoring. Almost 25,000 analysts have been trained in the last decade alone.

This globally recognized certification for Category I–IV vibration analysts complies with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2.

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Would you like more information about our ISO-certified Vibration Analysis Training courses and our partnership with the Mobius Institute?

Or if you are ready to book your individual training course, contact us via the booking form below or call us on +49 6151 428-1424

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