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The Report & Route Manager (ReO) software is an integral part of the diagnostics and condition-based maintenance package for machinery and balance-of-plants. 
This software enables you to transmit and evaluate the vibration measurement data collected with your VT-80 / VP-80.

Features and benefits to ensuring profitability for your business


  • Simplifies organizing and evaluating the collected measurement data
  • Select the machines that need immediate maintenance
  • Quickly identify root cause analysis 
  • Access to superior reporting functionality 


  • The software is of a modular design
  • Save your money by saving time with:
    • Optimized workflow
    • Improved navigation in measurement analysis and diagnosis tools 
    • Ultimate fast ffficient measurement reporting

The available VT-80 / VP-80 packages include either "ReO AB" or "ReO ABC". These can be ordered separately, or the addition 'C' class can be purchased at a later date. ABC Analysis, Balancing and Data Collection”

Want more details about ReO and our Portable Systems?

Product Specification   Portable Systems

Superseding Technology

Report & Route Manager surpasses Report & Examiner Software in terms of ease of use

Report & Route Manager (ReO) replaces Report & Examiner Software (ReX) with exceptional enhancements.

Enhanced for unload of further VT-80/VP-80 Modules: 

  • Balancing
  • Tracking
  • Transfer Function

Improved Overview and Usability compared to ReX:

  • Only one software for all applications ABC “Analysis, Balancing and Data Collection”
  • Ultrafast and easy balancing measurement reporting
  • Storage of measurement data in SQL database
  • One piece of software in all VT-80 and VP-80 packages


Analyzer „A“

Includes the Overalls and FFT Analysis Modules.
Typical applications: assessing the condition of machines or executing specific diagnostics.
Software included: Report & Route Manager AB

Analyzer & Balancer „AB“

Includes the Analyzer package plus the Balancing Module.
Software included: Report & Route Manager AB

Balancer “B” – VIBROTEST 80 only

Software included: Report & Route Manager AB

Analyzer & Collector „AC“

Analyzer & Collector includes the Analyzer package plus the Data Collector Module.
Software included Report & Route Manager ABC

Collector „C“ – VIBROTEST 80 only

This is for repeated measures (every 4, 6, 8 weeks) of the same measuring point of the same machine to monitor the wear and tear of the machine.

Software included: Report & Route Manager ABC

All application packages can be upgraded with additional modules as needed.

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