VIBROTEST 60 - The 3-in-1 Solution

Predictive machine maintenance has many facets – VIBROTEST® 60 can handle them all! THE vibration analyser, data collector and balancing instrument in one package.

  • For off-line data collection and evaluation, VIBROTEST® 60 leaves nothing to be desired, with low weight, large storage capacity, flexible handling and xms® – an entirely new monitoring software and data base from Brüel & Kjær Vibro.  
  • As an analyser the 2-channel VIBROTEST® 60 sets the standard with the extent of its functions  
  • As a field balancing instrument VIBROTEST® 60 uses unique methods to simplify and shorten a balancing procedure 

The modular concept of VIBROTEST® 60 allows easy upgrading with additional functions and future innovations while the instrument hardware remains unchanged.

VIBROTEST® 60 - the ideal instrument for "first-time" users with future expanded needs, or the "diagnostics expert" who requires a solution for universal applications.

The VIBROTEST 60 was discontinued on December 31st, 2015.

  • FFT-analyser, data collector and field balancer in one instrument
  • Easy to understand operator dialogue in many languages (10)
  • Compact (255x90x50 mm), lightweight (approx. 900g / 2 lb)
  • Long instrument life through modular, expandable measurement functions for future development
  • Standard acceleration, velocity and displacement sensors can be used
  • IP 41 conformity 
  • Genuine 2-channel instrument with speed measurement 
  • High-tech digital signal processor (DSP)
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Excellent 12,800 line FFT spectrum resolution
  • Brilliant, high-contrast graphic LCD display with backlight
  • Unlimited storage capacity and high security for measured data through built-in PC-card (Type PCMCIA)

Module 1 "Overall Vibrations/BCU"

  • 1.1 Basic:
    • Overall (selectable filters)
    • BCU/Bandpass (BP)
    • Speed
    • Listing
    • Process values (DC)
    • Manual entry (DC)
  • 1.2 Extension:
    • Overall vs. Time
    • BCU/BP vs. Time
    • Overall vs. Speed
    • BCU/BP vs. Speed


Module 2 "Machine Diagnosis"

  • 2.1 Basic:
    • FFT spectrum
  • 2.2 Extension:
    • BCS/SED spectrum (Envelope analysis)
    • Cepstrum


Module 3 "Tracking"

  • Vector vs. Speed and Time


Module 4 "Dual Channel"

  • Provides the functionality for modules 1,2,3 and 8


Module 5 "Data Collector"

  • Supports all features from modules 1.1, 2 and 8


Module 6 "Balancing Expert"

  • Dual Channel Field Balancing 1-plane
  • 2-plane Non-linear compensation 1 to 2-plane with prognosis


Module 7 "CPB spectrum"

  • CPB spectrum - Fault Detection

VIBRO-REPORT allows all measurements to be displayed in graphic diagram form or as a tabular list, and printed out for documentation purposes - the software package operating under Windows®.

  • Fast data transfer between VIBROTEST®60 and PC via PCMCIA-Card
  • Graphic display of the measurements, including cursor and Zoom functions
  • Zoom-preview for better orientation in the graphics display
  • Reporting of the Field Balancing procedure
  • Specific entry of headers and footers for descriptions in a pre-formatted printout
  • Export of measured data for further processing in Windows programs
  • Fast printout of measurements and diagrams