VibroSuite – Stand-alone wind turbine monitoring

VibroSuite is the newest member of a long list of condition monitoring products designed by Brüel & Kjær Vibro for the wind turbine market. It is a state-of-the-art stand-alone wind turbine monitoring solution comprising a suite of software packages that interface directly to the wind turbine condition monitoring hardware (DDAU).

VibroSuite delivers value

Over the last decade, we have optimized wind park productivity and helped our customers avoid catastrophic failures of drive train components on thousands of wind turbines around the world. This experience cumulates in the launch of the VibroSuite platform to:

  • Maximise lead-time to maintenance by detecting developing faults early, accurately and reliably
  • Provide actionable information that leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime

VibroSuite is designed with the customers’ needs in focus

VibroSuite is completely client-hosted stand-alone system that enables end-users and operators to host, process and analyse the data in-house. This powerful, user-friendly solution lends itself to use by operators with all levels of experience designed for monitoring all types of wind turbines and park sizes under varying operating conditions:

  • VibroSuite utilises the same software used by the renowned Brüel & Kjær Vibro Surveillance Centres
  • Scalable system enabling growth with the customer’s experience and business needs
  • Enables a cross comparison of turbines by type, park or drive train components
  • Individual alarm limits for each turbine can be easily calculated from statistical data
  • The AlarmManager functionality efficiently avoids alarm flooding and thereby greatly reduces the work load of the diagnostic specialists
  • Microsoft™ Windows® platform, enabling one central server to monitor multiple parks without the need for costly on-site servers
  • Designed with the recommendations of ISO 13379 in mind, which encompasses the entire monitoring system implementation process

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VibroSuite modules

The VibroSuite platform comprises the following modules:

DDAU data acquisition hardware

Scalar vibration, process parameters and time series vibration data are simultaneously measured and conditioned in the 16-channel data acquisition unit. This data is sent remotely to the data server via LAN or GPRS. A snapshot of all scalar vibration data and process values can be obtained by user request or automatically according to pre-defined conditions.


This unique alarm management software scans detailed alarm information from the monitoring system and reduces it to one single alarm for each detected fault. A sudden gust, for example, can generate many alarms when there is no fault, or a single fault can be picked up by several sensors and generate several alarms. The AlarmManager can detect these situations and remove the unnecessary alarms, thereby eliminating false alarms and reducing analysis time.


Performs advanced vibration analysis on the time signal to determine the type, severity and root cause of a detected fault. This enables you to accurately diagnose the fault, effectively plan maintenance activities ahead of time and order spares.


A powerful resource management tool that minimizes the time from alarm to report. It provides quick access of historical measurement data and alarm information from thousands of turbines to a network of operators and specialists, enabling alarms to be handled quickly and efficiently, with experience gained and documented from each alarm.


Captures time waveforms on condition based trigger events, at regular time based intervals or upon trigger by a hardwired signal. Event data can be captured from a large number of turbines connected via a network, and sent to a data server for analysis by VibroSuite.WTGAnalyzer or other third party applications.


Our diagnostic system greatly reduces the work load of Conditioning Monitoring specialists but does not replace them. Such expertise is hard to come by, and many operators do not have it. Brüel & Kjær Vibro has a team of diagnostic specialists that can undertake part or all of your monitoring, diagnostics and reporting needs. With the VibroSuite stand-alone system, access can be opened to Brüel & Kjær Vibro to provide second level support with diagnostic work or other ad-hoc assistance.