VibroSuite – Stand-alone wind turbine monitoring

VibroSuite is a state-of-the-art, stand-alone wind turbine monitoring solution comprising a suite of software packages that interface directly to the wind turbine condition monitoring hardware (DDAU).

VibroSuite delivers value

Over the last decade, we have optimized wind park productivity and helped our customers avoid catastrophic failures of drive train components on thousands of wind turbines around the world. This experience is built into the VibroSuite platform to:

  • Maximise lead-time to maintenance by detecting developing faults early, accurately and reliably
  • Provide actionable information that leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime

VibroSuite is designed with the customers’ needs in focus

VibroSuite is completely client-hosted stand-alone system that enables end-users and operators to host, process and analyse the data in-house. This powerful, user-friendly solution lends itself to use by operators with all levels of experience designed for monitoring all types of wind turbines and park sizes under varying operating conditions:

  • VibroSuite utilises the same software used by the renowned Brüel & Kjær Vibro Surveillance Centres
  • Scalable system enabling growth with the customer’s experience and business needs
  • Enables a cross comparison of turbines by type, park or drive train components
  • Individual alarm limits for each turbine can be easily calculated from statistical data
  • The AlarmManager functionality can be user-configured to efficiently avoid alarm flooding and thereby greatly reduces the work load of the diagnostic specialists
  • Operators can copy data to different user. Data can even be imported from 3rd party systems to VibroSuite
  • Users can subscribe to Vestas' Monitoring Service for downloading vibration data for separate analysis and training purposes
  • Microsoft™ Windows® platform, enabling one central server to monitor multiple parks without the need for costly on-site servers
  • Designed with the recommendations of ISO 13379 in mind, which encompasses the entire monitoring system implementation process

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