Report & Examiner Software – ReX PREMIUM

We offer “ReX-PREMIUM” free of charge, without copy protection and it comes along with full unlimited functionality and use of time. The main reason for that offer is to offer ReX for two main functionalities which are not implemented in ReO v3:

  • Digital Signal Postprocessing DSP of raw vibration data in .wav format. Recorded either with VT-80/VP-80 Modules “Time Signal” or “Tracking”
  • For VT-80/VP-80 Module Acceptance test you will necessarily need ReX to draw on and configure predefined or personally defined measurement tasks (setups) which can be stored as Templates. 

The software can be used on all standard Windows® PCs (WIN 7 and WIN 10 depending of Service pack). Connection to the VIBROPORT 80/VIBROTEST 80 is via a USB interface. 

Software Features

 Short Description


 Connection & Data transfer

  • Data management
  • Basic functionality and features

 Enhanced Display

  • Properties
  • Multi-channel plots, plot types


  • Print, save
    Data import -export
    Acceptance test generator

 Measurement Protocols

  •  Microsoft Word 

 Unlimited user specific Templates 

 Bearing Database

  • Management

 DSP - Digital Signal Processing of *.wav 

  • FFT-Spectra

 DSP - Digital Signal Processing of *.wav

  • Waterfall- and Spectogram
    delta RpM (Speed) & delta t (Time)