Range of applications

We have developed VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 for a wide range of applications. With their modular structure, you can customize the portable measuring instruments to your specific and individual requirements.

The Overalls Module is the right choice if you want to check whether machinery is within the allowable vibration range as per DIN ISO 10816, 7919 or the machine manufacturer's instructions.

The Overalls Module includes general vibration parameters, rolling-element bearing condition parameters, rotation speed, process variables, crest factor and max. X/Y.

The FFT Analyzer is the appropriate module to determine the causes of changed vibrations or identify possible faults early on.

For example, for generators, turbines, fans, pumps, compressors and motors, typical causes of vibration such as imbalance or misalignment can be recognized with an FFT spectrum.

Imbalance typically occurs in machinery with rotating parts, for example, due to deposits or wear.

With the Balancing Module you can reduce the imbalances. The operator is guided through the balancing process, and polar diagrams provide visual support – making single and two-plane balancing easy, even for beginners.

The Tracking Module allows you to identify critical rotational speeds that coincide with resonance frequencies. This enables you to minimize high-vibration loads during run up, coast down or steady-state operation of the machinery, ensuring optimal performance.

You can use the Transfer Function Module with an impulse hammer to examine the modal response of components or machinery during downtime. This can be used to identify natural frequencies and detect cracks or loose connections to bearings, foundations and pipework.

With the Time Signal Module you can record the raw dynamic signal from vibration sensors over a period of time. This is saved in a standard file format for post-processing, detailed analysis and documentation.

The time signal contains information that is not readily visible in the frequency domain, such as shock and pulse events, transient events, stochastic events, and machine cycles with start and stop phases.

The data is saved as wav files which can be further processed using the Report & Examiner Software or by other analysis applications.

The Acceptance Test Module allows you to define comprehensive measurements for quality control or acceptance of machines. The data can be recorded automatically and documented in detail.