The Allrounders – VIBROPORT 80 & VIBROTEST 80

VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 are the new portable measuring instruments from Brüel & Kjær Vibro for machine diagnostics, balancing and for condition monitoring. Easy to use, versatile and based on a modular design – this was our focus in developing these vibration measurement instruments. They will help you prevent damage to machinery and avoid unscheduled downtime.

VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 adapt to your requirements – even in complex applications. There are up to four measuring channels plus rotation speed recording. With predefined configuration of measurement tasks, rapid data capture and easy sensor setup, the measurement modules are intuitive to use.

  • All units are based on a modular design, providing practical packages for a wide variety of applications. Hardware and software components as well as accessories are included in the delivery scope.
  • The instruments can be flexibly deployed either as a balancer, data collector or as a four-channel universal vibration measurement instrument, with measurement of overalls, FFT analysis, tracking, transfer function, balancing and time signal recording.

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Which instrument is most suitable?

Both instruments are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They both have the same functionality, but have different screen sizes and weights.

  • VIBROPORT 80: With its larger screen, polar chart display and docking station, this instrument is ideal for on-site fixed position use, such as for balancing, acceptance testing and comprehensive measurement reporting.
  • VIBROTEST 80: At a significantly lower weight and size, the VIBROTEST 80 is very easy to use and ideal for mobile data collection.

ATEX, IECEx and CSA certified: Looking for a solution for potentially explosive environments? The small handheld VIBROTEST 80 E is perfectly suited for Data Collection and available as "E" type with corresponding certifications.  

The modular design means that you can adapt the functionality of VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 to your individual needs, and add extra modules at any time.

Analyzer  includes the Overalls and FFT Analysis Modules – ideal for typical applications such as assessing the condition of machinery or carrying out specific diagnostics.
Software included: Report & Route Manager

Analyzer & Balancer  includes the Analyzer package plus the Balancing Module.
Software included: Report & Route Manager

Analyzer & Collector  includes the Analyzer package plus the Data Collector Module.
Software included: Report & Route Manager

NB: All application packages can be upgraded with additional modules as needed.
There are additional Balancer and Collector packages for VIBROTEST 80 only. Details upon request.

Despite their diverse and powerful functionality, VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 are simple and intuitive to use. 

Settings and setup

  • Predefined measurement configurations for quick and direct access to measurement tasks. Use the icons to open frequently used measurement tasks that are preset in each module.
  • Easy sensor setup for commercially available sensor types. It is easy to add to the predefined settings for Brüel & Kjær Vibro sensors. Once saved, these settings are automatically available in all modules, together with the sensor type. For multi-channel measurement with identical sensors, you only need to set up one sensor. You can then copy the settings to other sensors.


  • Flexible access to measurement tasks with function keys for easy operation while measuring.
  • Rapid data entry with alpha-numeric keyboard.

Portable vibration measurements helps keep your machines in good health!

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Use case VIBROPORT 80 for milling spindle optimisation