Effective single-channel machine vibration monitoring and protection

These single-channel devices effectively protect machines with rolling-element bearings from damages by e.g. unbalance or misalignment. They are ideally suitable for monitoring e.g. fans, blowers, pumps, decanters, separators and mills.

VIBROCONTROL 950 is connected to constant-current sourced accelerometers; VIBROCONTROL 960 is connected to vibration velocity sensors. The instruments are mounted on a DIN rail in machine cabinets or in optional field housings. A user software enables easy and flexible set-up.

Features of VIBROCONTROL 950/960:

  • Input of accelerometers (CCS): VIBROCONTROL 950
  • Input of velocity sensors: VIBROCONTROL 960
  • 2 relays (Alarm & Danger) and 1 OK relay
  • Analog output
  • Large integrated display
  • Vibration levels in realtime
  • Installation: DIN Rail mounting or optional field housing
  • Power supply +24 VDC
  • Machine protection according to DIN/ISO 10816-3
  • Software: Compact Setup

Recommended B&K Vibro accelerometer: AS-062
Recommended B&K Vibro velocity sensor: VS-068 or VS-069

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