Flexible multi-channel vibration monitors for the reliable protection of rotating equipment

Cost-effective machine protection for most rotating equipment with either

These instruments provide up to 4 real-time vibration input channels, plus 1 process data and 1 tacho/speed reference input channel. They are extremely flexible due to their modular link concept and can be accessed from remote.

In addition to reliable machine protection, the VIBROCONTROL 18xx series of compact monitors offers condition monitoring and diagnostics functionality. Scalar vibration and process data can be stored and trended as well as the original time waveform signals.Frequency spectra can be post-processed using FFT analysis.

Key Features of VIBROCONTROL 18xx:

  • Up to four vibration channels
  • Additional two channels for process and tacho/speed
  • Four outputs configurable between relays and analog outputs
  • Communication via ethernet, USB, RS-485,offering  OPC UA, Modbus TCP/RTU protocol
  • Time waveform recording and data storage on PC/server
  • User-definable frequency bands
  • Optional software providing a wide range of vibration analyzing and diagnostic functions

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Compact Analyzer Software

For Trending & Vibration Analyzing  of measuring data from VIBROCONTROL 9xx & VIBROCONTROL 18xx 

Version_Date: (11/2/2018)
Language:  English & German
File type:   .ZIP (59 MB)

Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later
This software package is a freeware product provided by Brüel & Kjaer Vibro*

  • Compact Analyzer Software enables download of measuring data from VIBROCONTROL 9xx  and VIBROCONTROL 18xx monitoring units for trending and vibration analyzing
    • Overall values
    • Waveforms
    • process  Spectrum & Cepstrum
    • define marker for easy identification of vibration sources
  • with this download we provide the latest software version.
  • the .ZIP file includes the latest version of the instruction in English only 

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*Disclaimer for Compact Analyzer Software