This powerful and low-priced solution enables measurement and monitoring of

  • Casing vibration
  • Rolling-element bearing condition
  • Temperature

simultaneously at 2 bearings of your machine. The acceleration sensor AS-062/T1 integrates a temperature sensor in the housing besides the elements necessary for vibration measurement. With the mounting of the sensor all three measured variables are acquired simultaneously and expensive addtional components and wiring costs are unnecessary.

Vibration monitoring

Measurement of casing vibration is in accordance with the ISO Standard 10816. The two actual measured values are shown in the display, as well as their percentage values with respect to the set limit setpoint. A violation of the preset limit values is signalled visually (LED) as well as through the built-in relays for Alert and Danger alarms.

Rolling-element bearing condition monitoring

For acquiring the rolling-element bearing condition, a DFT of the sensor signal in the range 500 to 5000 cycles per second is performed, and the sum of the largest RMS value of vibration acceleration is formed. A comparison with the measured value of the measured value of the bearing (in as new condition), the "Bearing Condition Value" is displayed.

Trend measurement

Provide you with an overview of the measurement trend, the VC-1500 has a trend measurement function for the casing vibration, rolling-element bearing condition and temperature. The display is provided right at the instrument over a selectable period between 10 days and 10 months.

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VIBROCONTROL 1500 makes work in the Gotthard basis tunnel safer

For the construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, which, with 57 km, is one of the longest tunnels in the world, a ventilation system is required to continue work underground after the shell construction has been completed. It supplies workers and machines with fresh air during the construction work involving track laying, catenary, signalling, etc.

To ventilate a stretch of currently about 25 km, two fans have been installed in cross galleries between the two tunnels in order to ensure a so-called forced-air circulation. These fans have a capacity of 560 kW, a double stage design, a blade diameter of 1.8 m and, at a pressure of approx. 5000 Pa, they have an air flow output of 100 m³/s. The fans achieve these operational values in both operating directions.

Both fans operate in parallel and are equipped with fully automatic control valves and a remote control system to the control centre Biasca.

Due to the installation in the very narrow cross-galleries, the airflow velocity can reach up to 32 m/s. This causes high turbulences and vibrations that affect the entire system.

In order to protect not only the fan station but also the entire system in the cross-galleries, vibration sensors and monitoring instruments such as the VIBROCONTROL 1500 were integrated so as to ensure that problems are detected as soon as possible. When commissioning the system, the software used to configure the monitoring devices and check the start-up values was of great assistance and helped reduce the time leading up to the handover of the operational station.

The company Korfmann Lufttechnik is already looking forward to starting the next project in Sol-Iletsk, Russia, which will involve fans with a diameter of 2.8 m and vibration monitoring provided by their "vibration colleagues" Brüel & Kjaer Vibro which will enable them to provide direct support to their customer in the event of vibration problems.

(Field experience supplied by: Jens Kegenhof, KORFMANN LUFTTECHNIK GMBH)

  • Installation of one or two units
  • Pre-assembled and pre-wired
  • IP 65 protection class

Order code:


AC/DC >> with/without power supply

01 or 02 >> one or two units

The installation of the VC-1500 inside the protective housing – VC-1500/xx/xx – is ideal for applications that require the electronic monitoring equipment to be installed in the immediate vicinity of the monitored machine.

The VC-1500 standard IP 20 classification can be raised to protection class IP 65 through the combination of the electronics mounted within a protective housing.

The electronic equipment is protected from dust and spray water and is ideal for use in harsh installation environmental conditions.

The protective housing has space for one or two VC-1500, including the power supplies. Thanks to the glass front window, the instrument display is visible even when the housing is closed.

The VC-1500/xx/xx is pre-assembled, pre-wired and, depending on the version, has a special terminal plate, which provides a sufficient number of openings for connecting the inputs and outputs.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Overview: trend and frequency analysis / post mortem
  • Network configuration: supports up to 40 units

Order code:

  • AC-4201

Delivery: CD with software and  USB/CAN interface converter

With the aid of the Control-Center-Software technology, it is possible for the user to configure the VIBROCONTROL 1500 directly via the internet and to visualise the results - remote monitoring. The machine vibrations can be analysed using trends, frequency analysis or post mortem information - from anywhere world-wide.

Up to 40 devices can be integrated into a VIBROCONTROL 1500 network, thereby enabling the effective monitoring and diagnostics of larger systems comprised of many machines.

Two individually adjustable data transmission rates enable the user to respond flexibly over any distance within a plant.

Depending on the situation, a high data transmission rate for short distances or a lower data rate for larger distances can be selected.