Charge amplifiers 2661, 2667 and 2688

Our charge amplifiers are intended for use with charge type accelerometers, when monitoring plant machinery in harsh environments and for industrial machine and gas turbine applications requiring long mean time between failures.

The charge amplifiers are available in a number of versions when other amplification factors or filtering ranges are required.

Please check the appropriate Data Sheet for available variants.

There are three different main designs available:

Charge amplifier 2661
This standard amplifier is used if there are no additional certificates required.

Charge amplifier 2667
This amplifier is ATEX certified for use in Zone 2 applications
Charge amplifier 2688
This amplifier is especially designed for use in radioactive areas.

To protect the charge amplifiers from harsh environmental conditions, such as humidity and vibration, they should be mounted in a suitable junction box in conformity with minimum IP 65, as available from Brüel & Kjær Vibro.