Compass Classic

COMPASS Classic is a fully automatic integrated monitoring system for critical production machinery. Through its modular concept, COMPASS Classic can be adapted to a large range of different machines so that all of the requirements of a condition-based maintenance strategy are fulfilled by one, plant-wide system.

COMPASS Classic fulfills the following monitoring requirements:

  • Machinery protection to prevent a catastrophic machine failure
  • Diagnostic monitoring of the condition of the machine for the early, accurate diagnosis and analysis of faults and trending
  • Performance monitoring of machines for more reliable detection and diagnosis of incipient faults corroborated with other monitoring techniques (vibrations, oil analysis, etc.) as well as for monitoring the machine efficiency for economical operation
  • Integrating off-line (data collector 2526) and on-line (2520) monitoring

NOTE: The COMPASS Classic hardware series 2526 and 2520 have been discontinued (spare part delivery till 2017)! Compass 6000 replaces COMPASS Classic.