SETPOINT® website adds online budgetary proposal too

Metrix Instrument Company today announced that it has released an online customer selfservice application to generate budgetary proposals for its SETPOINT® Machinery Protection System. The tool allows customers to log in securely and create a budgetary proposal using either an online version of the product datasheet or by entering specific details of older Bently Nevada™ monitoring systems that may have exceeded their recommended service life and are due for replacement. After logging in and configuring a SETPOINT® system, the tool e-mails a PDF copy of the proposal to the user. Users can log in later to modify their proposals or add new proposals as required.

Randy Chitwood, Vice President of Condition Monitoring for Metrix, explains the significance of this development. “Ecommerce is certainly not new, but it is conspicuously absent in most of the condition monitoring industry. This is particularly true for complex API 670-compliant monitoring systems like SETPOINT®.” Continues Chitwood, “our online proposal tool is the first of many planned web-enabled capabilities we will be introducing over the next several years. It makes the process of obtaining correct part numbers and pricing for a SETPOINT® system remarkably easy, and is part of an ongoing effort to ensure that Metrix the easiest company in our industry to do business with. We are placing equal emphasis on offering both the best technology in our industry and the most convenient commercial experience for customers. Our online SETPOINT® proposal tool is the first of many steps we will be taking to achieve this goal.”