SETPOINT® System obtains ATEX Hazardous Area Approvals

Metrix Instrument Company today announced that it has secured ATEX hazardous area approvals for its SETPOINT® machinery protection system, allowing installation in Zone 2 flammable atmospheres as encountered in many oil and gas, chemical, and mining applications. The approvals also allow separately-approved sensors located in Zones 0/1 to be connected to the SETPOINT® system, via use of appropriate energy limiting barriers or isolators.

The ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) Directive pertains to European Union countries and ensures that instruments and electrical equipment are engineered and installed in a manner that will not create an explosive hazard in flammable environments. These environments can include ignitable vapors, gases, and/or dusts typical of many industrial processes and found in many industrial plants.

Randall Chitwood, SETPOINT® VP, explains the importance of this certification. "Because we provide solutions globally, our products must be approved for use globally. For a significant portion of the world's industrialized economies, the ATEX Directive is in force, and ATEX certification of our equipment is therefore essential. The certification assures that our equipment has undergone detailed design review, testing, and qualification by an independent, recognized body to assure safe operation in flammable atmospheres." Chitwood continues, "The number of necessary approvals is increasing worldwide, along with the rigor of the approvals – and this trend shows no signs of abating. Metrix has made a significant investment in assuring our products carry ATEX and the numerous other global approvals needed for our customers. It is part of our commitment to being easy to do business with – allowing customers clear visibility to the approvals our products carry, access to the associated documentation on our website, and appropriate resources to pursue and maintain these approvals."

The SETPOINT® machinery protection system now carries INTERTEK North American approvals, ATEX approvals, and CE Mark approvals. IECEx approvals are imminent and expected later in 1Q2014. ATEX and all other certification documents are available online here