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Get more value out of a machine protection system

Adding condition monitoring capability is easier than you think!

Condition monitoring of machines provides early fault detection, thereby preventing unnecessary shutdowns and reducing machine lifecycle costs.

However, many machine operators shy away from installing a Condition Monitoring system because they think it’s too costly, too complicated or it does not bring enough benefit.

Here’s a solution by Brüel & Kjær Vibro that enables you to use your existing machine protection system for condition monitoring by taking the vibration data from the protection system’s buffered outputs and integrating them into the Compass 6000 condition monitoring software. It is easy, cost-effective and all machines in the plant, whether critical or balance-of-plant, whether equipped with a machine protection system or without, can be integrated into a single condition monitoring system.

Read the interview with Product Manager Sybille Schumann on how this works and why condition monitoring is a must in modern plant asset management.