Factory Authorized Service Provider (FASP) program announced

Metrix Instrument Company has announced a new program to enable global field service support of the SETPOINT® machinery protection system. To meet the fast-growing customer demand for deployments, a Factory Authorized Service Provider program has been implemented to augment the already expanding Metrix Field Services organization. The Metrix Factory Authorized Service Provider (FASP) program utilizes existing channel partners who have passed a rigorous screening process. Starting with experienced instrument technicians and then providing extensive training on the new product line, costeffective and high-quality installations are routinely achieved. Helping to achieve fast deployments is the SETPOINT® system’s much simpler configuration environment than those of competing systems.

All completed customer jobs are evaluated by the customers using a cloud-based Net Promoter Score system. Based on the experience of the field engineer and the completed training, plus augmentation by Metrix Services personnel, customers have access to a comprehensive range of machinery condition equipment installation, maintenance, and machinery malfunction analysis services. The first company to receive Factory Authorized Service Provider certification has been Vibran SAS in Colombia. Owner Alvaro Pinzon Camacho said of the program, “This is a win-win-win situation between us, the end-user customer, and Metrix. The local capability to support these installations is essential, and based on our long history of supporting customers with this type of instrumentation, we are ideally suited to step into this role. The factory support has been awesome and we’re ready to go!” Metrix anticipates at least six other sales channel partners with existing extensive services capabilities completing the program before year end.


The SETPOINT® system was first announced in October 2010 at the A&M turbomachinery show in Houston. It began shipping to customers in July 2011 and to date has been sold to customers in more than 40 countries. The SETPOINT® system features an industryfirst integral touchscreen display with intuitive graphics inspired by Apple® iTouch®, iPod®, and iPad® portable devices. The system also eliminates the need for special power supplies by using the 24 Vdc instrument power readily available in most plants, thereby reducing heat in the rack and improving reliability. It introduces innovative front-access wiring connections that make it considerably easier to install and service than rear-access systems. For retrofit applications, its footprint is sized to exactly fit the industry’s most commonly installed systems, ensuring existing cutouts and panels can be reused along with existing wiring.