BK Vibro America scaling up facilities and services

Our investment in future asset healthcare - US office has moved to larger facilities to offer extended service and production capability

The industrial machine assets of North America, the world’s economic powerhouse, provide products and energy to make life easier for not only those living on that continent but for the rest of the world as well. Normally we take these things for granted, but we should ask ourselves; who is making sure this growing fleet of machines keep producing reliably without undue expense and interruption? For us the answer is simple - Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro)! We are proud to say that this is our only mission and we are playing a big role here doing just that.

With more than 60 years of experience in machine protection and condition monitoring of all types of machines in many industries, B&K Vibro decided to expand its operations to better serve the North American market with its innovative technology and services.

The new Gardnerville office in Nevada, USA remains in the same area that can be called the “cradle of American machine monitoring development”, but there have been some significant changes from the original office in Minden. Now there is much more space in the two new buildings nearby for customer meetings, training, seminars and workshops. The production facilities are also much larger to meet the growing market for the rack-based SETPOINT/VC-6000 monitoring system, VIBROPORT 8000 and VCM-3 field monitors. Of course, a wide range of sensors, handhelds, compact monitors and accessories are also still available from the new office.

Our team of monitoring system experts are now even better prepared to ensure our monitoring solutions are optimally implemented to your application needs. Our renowned analysis specialists are also in a better position to tackle your most challenging monitoring diagnostic demands. And at the same time our sales and service team has been extended nationwide to more quickly and effectively cover local sales and support needs.

A.J. Boechler, General Manager of BK Vibro America, sums it up. “As we become better positioned in the market place, it is only natural the resources and manpower needed to serve this growing market also increases. This, you can say, is our investment in the future to ensure the region’s industry machine assets keep turning.”