26-09-2017: SETPOINT® adds temperature, process variable, and TSI measurements

The platform now includes measurement capabilities

The platform now includes measurement capabilities for:

  • Temperature
  • Process Variables
  • Differential Expansion
  • Case Expansion
  • Valve Position
  • Dynamic Pressure
  • Hydro turbine‐specific requirements
  • Gap Alarms
  • Up to eight user‐configurable frequency bands and corresponding alarm setpoints on each channel.  

Randall Chitwood, Vice President of Condition Monitoring for Metrix, explained the significance of these developments.  “This release gives the SETPOINT® system the capabilities needed by many of our customers in the power generation sector by providing support for measurements unique to large steam turbine‐generator sets.  Via the new Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM), it also provides support for RTDs and thermocouples, allowing bearing temperatures to be included in the machinery protection system, a requirements of American Petroleum Institute Standard 670.” 

The April release also includes support for 4‐20ma process variable transmitters.  Chitwood explained that the company’s attention to detail when implementing this feature is an example of listening to its customers to deliver industry‐leading value. “Support for 4‐20mA signals in a monitoring system is not new to the industry, but small details like providing loop power directly from the monitoring system are important to many of our customers so we gave them a choice.  Our Universal Monitoring Module (UMM) can be configured to accept up to four 4‐20ma inputs while also providing power for these loops.  In contrast, our TMM can be configured to accept up to six 4‐20mA inputs, when loop power is provided externally.”  

Metrix plans to release expanded functionality to the SETPOINT® platform on a semi‐annual basis for the foreseeable future. These timed release phases are a direct result of the SETPOINT® platform’s architecture, which uses only two basic monitoring module types – one for measuring temperature and process variable inputs, and one for measuring dynamic vibration and position inputs.  Using this “universal monitoring module” concept, a single module type can be configured for virtually any measurement, reducing ordering complexity, cost, and spare parts requirements.  Concludes Chitwood, “The basic hardware architecture is now complete and the modules that customers purchase today can be reconfigured in the field by simply downloading the appropriate firmware.  It is part of what we call our ‘simpler/smarter’ strategy that results in a simpler user experience and a smarter use of resources.” 


The SETPOINT® system was first announced in October 2010 at the A&M turbomachinery show in Houston.  It began shipping to customers in July 2011 and to date has been sold to customers in more than 40 countries.  The SETPOINT® system features an industry‐first integral touchscreen display with intuitive graphics inspired by Apple® iTouch®, iPod®, and iPad® portable devices.  The system also eliminates the need for special power supplies by using the 24 Vdc instrument power readily available in most plants, thereby reducing heat in the rack and improving reliability.  It introduces innovative front‐ access wiring connections that make it considerably easier to install and service than rear‐access systems.  For retrofit applications, its footprint is sized to exactly fit the industry’s most commonly installed systems, ensuring existing cutouts and panels can be reused along with existing wiring.