2019 PI World in San Francisco: SETPOINT® for Power Generation

Austin Curtis, Maintenance Manager at Portland General Electric, explains how the SETPOINT® System changed the way they do condition monitoring, by integrating tightly with the plant’s existing OSISoft PI System.

Portland General Electric putting comprehensive vibration data into the PI System


  • No online condition monitoring data when machinery decisions needed to be made
  • Incumbent system required expensive additional infrastructure
  • Offline approach was too reactive and involved 10-hour round trip travel to and from the site


  • SETPOINT® Edge Device streamed all vibration data into existing PI System
  • Eliminated separate infrastructure; used PI System already installed
  • All data in same "system of record" for ease of vibration / process correlation
  • Accessible to everyone in the plant
  • Allows PGE to use their existing Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) software for advanced, automated analytics
  • WAVEFORMS IN PI!! (The key to accurate analysis)


  • Overall company risk significantly reduced
  • PGE can now identify critical assess health accurately
  • PGE knows when they’re healthy (and when they're sick)
  • Data analysis done in 1 hour instead of 15+ hours.


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Presentation with Steve Sabin, VP of Marketing