xms service packs

Depending on the possibilities of software developement, the xms® software changes within relative short time. New functions, resulting from customer wishes, improved system functionality, as well as correction of errors, can be offered to our customers with new versions of the software (updates).

Here, we will always inform you about the latest version of xms® , which is released for sales:

The latest version of xms is V4.2.2308-S!

Improvements on a certain extent can now be given to our customers as so-called service packs, in the same way as in case of PC software. These service packs will be free of charge !

Just choose the right service pack file out of the list and download it. Please note that the version of the service pack and the version of the originally installed xms® software must fit together (see imprint on installation-CD)! The service pack file is in winzip format, so it can be sent easily by email to customers.


  • Download the service pack file (see list down below)
  • Close running xms® or Vibro Report sessions
  • Unpack the downloaded .zip file (e.g.
  • Start the installation with the unpacked .exe file (e.g. double klick)
  • Follow the installation assistent
  • If necessary, reboot the PC

The range of additions you will find in the readme file (.txt)


Version:                                    Readme:

xmsServicePack3_1_1526    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack3_1_1531    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack3_1_1558    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack3_1_1561    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack3_2_1626    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack4_0_1805    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack4_0_1819    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack4_0_1821    Readme.txt
xmsServicePack4_0_1823    Readme.txt