February 2015

Enhanced data collector functionality for VIBROTEST 80 & VIBROPORT 80 portables

Wind farm operators and owners are under increasing pressure to deliver power at maximum installed capacity and availability to gain competitive advantage. It is generally accepted that a condition monitoring based maintenance strategy provides the most effective means for reducing lost production and maintenance costs. However, some find it difficult to finance the capital expense related to retrofitting existing wind farms with a CMS solution. Should their business be penalized because of this? Absolutely No!

Brüel & Kjær Vibro now offers an advanced CMS solution supported by a unique leasing program, where there is no capital investment or significant client CMS expertise required. This service includes fault detection, diagnosis and O&M service recommendations for wind turbines retrofitted with CMS. The round-the-clock monitoring of the wind turbines is provided by Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s certified vibration specialists located in our Surveillance and Diagnostic Service Centers located in the US, China and Denmark.

In addition to preventing significant capital investment, other “CMS as a Service” benefits include:

  • Robust and powerful CMS equipment, designed specifically for the harsh and ever changing conditions in wind turbines
  • A dedicated monitoring platform for efficient analysis and storage of massive amounts of data coming from thousands of turbines simultaneously
  • A unique monitoring service provided by our dedicated diagnostic engineers who interpret the data and convey the results to our customers as actionable maintenance advice. This has consistently contributed to thousands of hours of uptime for wind farms world-wide

Once the CMS hardware has been installed and commissioned, it will be remotely operated by Brüel & Kjær Vibro with minimal intrusion to the client’s own operation and processes. At the end of the contract period, the CMS equipment can be purchased and the monitoring and diagnostic services be taken over by the client, if desired. Alternatively the CMS hardware can be upgraded and the “CMS as a Service” contract renewed.

Please stop by our booth #2411 at the expo floor during the AWEA Windpower 2015 event to learn more about our new “CMS as a Service” offering.