Spectris Advance is a leading-edge digital monitoring and analytical solution for global industries including wind power, bringing users the expert insights that empower them to make smarter decisions for their people, plants and processes.

As the acknowledged leaders in our business domains, Spectris companies deliver products and services that help customers work better, faster and more efficiently.

Spectris Advance brings our market leading domain expertise to a range of digital solutions, with the option of an integrated platform powered by leading-edge IIOT technologies. Our extensive application knowledge can be combined with the added benefits of these more automated, scalable and easy-to-access solutions.

Every user receives all the benefits of enhanced data-driven decision-making: a powerful and unrivalled capability empowering you to make better informed decisions, supported by our intelligent monitoring solutions and deep application knowledge.

Spectris Advance


Brüel & Kjær Vibro is a core contributer to the  Spectris Advance programme. As a machine condition monitoring company at the forefront of technology, we are utilizing IIoT technology within the Industry 4.0 framework to add value to  our markets  including the wind power industry.

The wind turbine condition monitoring unit DDAU3, for example, is the perfect edge device that can exchange holistically monitored data with a host of other systems and deliver intelligent information to the cloud.


To transform this information into benefits for the customer, we also offer a range of cognitive functionality and cloud-based services:

  • Automatic fault detection, diagnostics and severity evaluation
  • Fault lead-time determination and useful life prediction
  • Statistical analysis of monitoring data
  • Machine learning for remaining life prediction models
  • Event analysis

Share you data seamlessly

The results of these functions and services can be shared seamlessly with a broad spectrum of users. These include Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s surveillance and diagnostic service centres, wind park maintenance team, third party analysts and service providers, enterprise resource planning systems, computerized maintenance management systems, process control systems, SCADA, etc. The ultimate goal for Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s participation in the Spectris Advance is to empower the end-user to reap more benefits from their production assets.

Spectris Advance Windpower