Project management: Reliable, customized, focused on value

You need to implement the right condition monitoring or machine protection solution – on time, on budget and on spec. Our project managers will support and assist you through each phase of your project. Your personal point of contact and project manager will put together a team of condition monitoring specialists. We will ensure the results exceed your expectations. We will be ready to react quickly and flexibly to any changing needs.

Project management in condition monitoring – your success is our focus.

  • Clearly structured project processes. Once your project agreement is in place, your personal project manager at Brüel & Kjær Vibro will take over project coordination. The aim is to ensure that your condition monitoring and machine protection solution is optimally implemented on time, on budget and to appropriate quality specifications.
  • Flexible support. As a result of working on many projects around the world, we have learned the special requirements of the industry. We are also used to the highly dynamic environment and changing requirements. We know that you need a flexible partner in condition monitoring that can respond to changes in the project. We offer the flexibility you need – at every phase of the project.
  • Your satisfaction is what counts. Has the project been completed in line with all of your requirements? Did we fully meet your needs at all times? We will ask for your feedback on these questions upon project completion. Because excellence is a process, not a condition, and we are striving to constantly exceed the changing requirements of your industry.

Training, warranty and after-sales support by our service team, or long-term service agreements: Needless to say that your total and absolute satisfaction is paramount to us. Brüel & Kjær Vibro will provide you with dedicated and reliable support after installation. We are aiming to be your partner in optimizing your long-term maintenance in all aspects of machinery protection and condition monitoring.

Speak to a consultant

Do you already have detailed specifications and requirements? Or would you like a comprehensive consultation to jointly define your project?
In either case, you will find the right project management solution at Brüel & Kjær Vibro. This is how we will meet your needs:

  • Defining your high-level requirements. Your project starts with the definition of high-level technical specifications, such as selection of the system and the sensor technology for measuring displacement, speed and acceleration.
  • Specifying the scope and deliverables: Once the requirements have been determined, we will document the scope and deliverables in the project order.
  • Appointing the project manager and project team. On conclusion of the agreement, we will appoint a project manager who will put together a project team in line with the project requirements. Depending on the project, this may include specialists in machine safety, condition monitoring, performance monitoring, or other experts. Your local Brüel & Kjær Vibro sales representative and after-sales team will also be involved, and will be available to you until project completion.
  • Identifying detailed requirements. We will work with you to define the requirements in detail and make sure they are correct. Our Competence Centers will provide additional industry-specific expertise. We are also in close contact with the machinery suppliers in many projects. Creating project schedules. When planning the schedule for your project, we take into account the outage periods that you specify in order to minimize downtime.
  • Managing technical details. Creating databases is just as important as defining cable lengths, components and inputs. We design the network architecture, assist with connection to your network, and set up the graphical user interface and firewalls.
  • Production: Your project manager organizes and coordinates construction of the control cabinets. A test engineer is responsible for planning the entire test phase and manages the testing process.
  • Installation and project completion. Your project manager and team members assist with delivery, installation of the system on site, commissioning, on-site testing and integration of the equipment through to system acceptance. All findings are included in the final documentation. After completion of the project, we will ask for your feedback – because we are continually looking for ways to extend our offerings to our customers and increase the quality of our services.

Products we use for our condition monitoring solutions