Application Notes

Compass 6000TM detected a fault that avoided unnecessarily disassembling a pump in Europe’s largest pumping station

Gas treatment plant replaces old protection system with VC-6000® but keeps condition monitoring system

Detecting, diagnosing and correcting for compressor surge at a petrochemical plant

Dramatic economic benefits gained by machine condition monitoring at an aromatics plant

Excessive vibrations on 250-MW turbo-generator bearings due to flexible steel foundations

Huntly Power Station in NZ - Monitoring machines on flexible foundations

Monitoring case vibration with an accelerometer on low-speed hydro turbines

Mulcher rotor balancing using Brüel & Kjær Vibro's Data Collector

VC-6000® Compact Monitor used for monitoring small hydroelectric generating units

Monitoring case vibration with an accelerometer on low-speed hydro turbines

Effective off-line machine fault detection and diagnosis at the Tabriz Petrochemical Complex

Off-line monitoring played an important role at the Ignalina nuclear power station

High technology in monitoring and detection of rolling-element bearings at low rotational speeds of 3.5 RPM

Vibration monitoring of tandem mills at the Arcelor Mittal Tilleur cold rolling mill

Predictive maintenance and its contribution to physical asset management at CEMIG

Integrated vibration, process monitoring at HPP Momina Klisura

Machine condition monitoring strategy at the Zarnowiec pumped storage power station

On-line monitoring strategy at a polyolefin plant gives fast results

Remote monitoring used at Copesul and downstream plants

Successful predictive maintenance at ICI Holland BV

High technology and effective maintenance ensures high productivity

Early fault detection of unique pump bearing faults at a major US refinery