Rack Connection Module


The Rack Connection Module (RCM) provides connections from the rack to an external power source and accepts 24Vdc power as standard. It also provides connections to the rack’s OK relay and discrete control functions such as Trip Multiply, Inhibit, Reset, and Special Alarm Inhibit. When 24 Vdc power is not readily available, a variety of external power supplies are available to convert 110/220 VAC, 90-250 VDC, and even selected 3-phase voltages to 24VDC.

For connecting the SETPOINT® rack to external systems, such as a multi-channel data recorder or a Bently Nevada communications processor, buffered transducer outputs for up to 56 channels are available at a special connector pair on the RCM’s front panel. The buffered signals from each Universal Monitoring Module are also available via an RJ45 connector on the UMM faceplate, and via 3 programmable BNC connectors on the door when the rack is supplied with an optional touchscreen display.

Part Number: VC-8000/RCM


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