Power Connection Module


The Power Connection Module (PCM) is an optional accessory that may reside in any rack slot (2-16), and is used in conjunction with the RCM for redundant power schemes.  Although the RCM can accept power from two independent 24V sources, the addition of a PCM safeguards against failure of the RCM itself.

The PCM is identical to the RCM, but has connections only for Power 1 (P1) and Power 2 (P2) – it has no OK relay, rack control inputs, or buffered transducer outputs.

The presence of both an RCM and a PCM in a rack allows either of these modules to be removed without interrupting rack power, providing the highest level of tolerance to single point failures. Refer to System Overview datasheet 1077785 for diagrams showing typical redundant power configurations.

Part Number: VC-8000/PCM

Reference documents
1079330  MPS Operation & Maintenance (ENG)
1077785  MPS System Overview