Signal Simulator Interface


The SP-2020/SSI Signal Simulator Interface provides a convenient method of connecting up to two function generator signals to a Universal Monitoring Module (UMM) while also allowing adjustment of bias voltage. The unit requires no battery or separate power supply, instead using 24Vdc power supplied from the UMM itself. Adjustment knobs allow the gap/bias voltage to be independently varied for two channels, simulating axial position measurements, sensor NOT OK (i.e., bias out-of-range) conditions, and average shaft centerline position changes. This capability is extremely useful as most function generators lack sufficient DC bias adjustment to simulate the full 24V bias range of typical proximity probes. The SSI is also compatible with many other makes and models of vibration monitoring systems and is an indispensable field tool for simulating inputs from all types of sensors.

Part Number: SP-2020/SSI

Features & Benefits

  • Works with any monitoring system (not just SETPOINT®)
  • Provides full range of -24V dc offset needed for simulating thrust position and NOT OK limits
  • Works great with BKVtools app for iPod, iPhone, or iPad - turns your iDevice into a portable function generator
  • Works with all models of bench-top or portable function generators
  • Ideal for simulating input signals when verifying monitor system installations in the field or during Factory Acceptance Testing

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