Rack Weatherproof Housing

To protect the SETPOINT® system from the elements, a Weatherproof Housing (WPH) is available in NEMA 4 / IP66 (painted steel) and NEMA 4X / IP66 (304 stainless steel). 

Power Supply Housing

This housing has DIN rails on the inside to accommodate up to two power supplies for the SETPOINT® system. A hinged, lockable door* with gasket provides protection from the external environment. 

Remote Display Panel

The RDP is a rack door with touchscreen display, but without hinges or a keylock. It can be mounted up to 10’ away from the rack chassis and is designed for mounting in a panel cutout using 4 screws. 

BNC Breakout Cable

This cable has a single RJ45 connector on one end and is inserted into the buffered output jack on the front of a Universal Monitoring Module (UMM). The other end of the cable has four BNC connectors (one for each channel of the UMM).

Signal Simulator Interface

The MX2020/SSI Signal Simulator Interface provides a convenient method of connecting up to two function generator signals to a Universal Monitoring Module (UMM) while also allowing adjustment of bias voltage

Mounting Brackets

All required brackets are supplied as standard for each specific mounting configuration and do not need to be ordered separately. 

External Termination Resistor

An external termination resistor is used when a Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM) channel is configured for a 4-20mA process variable input type. The resistor’s function is to convert the proportional loop current into a TMM-compatible voltage.

Intrinsic Safety Barriers

Passive zener-type intrinsic safety barriers as well as passive and active galvanic isolators allow sensors to be installed in Zone 0, Zone 1, or Div 1 hazardous areas without the use of explosion-proof wiring practices and housings.

Blank Faceplate

Blank faceplates for unused rack slots are supplied as standard with each system and do not need to be ordered separately.

RCM Power Cable

This cable assembly is used to connect the RCM to an appropriate external power source. The cable is 10’ long and designed for cutting to length in the field.

Display Cable

This cable assembly is used to connect the rack’s touchscreen display to the eSAM and carries all power and signals required by the touchscreen.