BK Vibro America's comprehensive sales training during Covid-19 pandemic

The industrial machine base in North America is beyond compare. The vast fleet of compressors, turbines, pumps, motors and generators all together transform world’s largest regional economy into a benchmark for many other countries to follow in terms of safety, environmental friendliness, reliability, efficiency and productivity. When things go right, the plant managers and stakeholders beam with pride. When things go wrong, it’s is not just them who notice.

Training tied to our mission

Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s mission (B&K Vibro) in life is very simple; don’t let these problems happen. Our machine protection and condition monitoring products and services represent our solutions to manage machine healthcare awareness. In order for us to succeed at this, we have to deliver a lot of specialist knowledge, innovative technology and strategic focus to our customers. Therefore, we take training in these values very seriously because this is our investment in the future. The Basecamp Training Course held in B&K Vibro office in Gardnerville, Nevada, USA, August 4 and 5, 2020, is one example of this.


Both sales and the channel partners took part in the training, including those who recently joined the company. The courses were quite comprehensive, where a wide range of products were covered:

In addition to products, applications were also discussed, especially regarding the VCM-3, which is versatile in many industrial sectors.

How was it done during the pandemic?

All sales and channel partner participation in the courses was done with social distancing in mind, thanks to the large training area offered in the new Gardnerville office.


Although the subject matter was somewhat concentrated, there was very positive feedback.  Jeremy Morton from the new channel partner Techstar, summed it up be saying “It was a great privilege to be a new partner with such an experienced supplier as B&K Vibro, and we appreciate the effort they took to get us started early on the right foot so we can optimize the customer experience with our monitoring solutions. The extensive training will ultimately pay off when we see a sigh of relief or a smile of confidence from the rotating equipment engineer or plant manager, knowing that they have at least one thing less to worry about.”