Value is more than just what the technology can do. It is about the entire experience of purchasing, installing, operating, and maintaining a machinery protection system. Is pricing competitive? Is someone available when you call? Are they responsive? Are they knowledgeable? Are service people fully equipped versus learning on-the-job at your expense? We have engineered the SETPOINT® system to deliver extremely reliable, highly functional technology. But we have placed equal emphasis on building an organization that you will want to do business with – not one that you have to do business with. SETPOINT® delivers value because it is easy to buy, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to support.


SETPOINT® was engineered differently than other systems on the market because it was designed to be extremely simple in its architecture. That translates to a more reliable system because the number of signals that must come into and go out of a monitoring card is minimized. All the monitor card needs is power. Everything else – relays, 4-20mA outputs, signal inputs and outputs – are all on the same circuit board. Competing systems require the signal to travel through up to a dozen different connectors to and from different modules and the backplane to protect your machinery. With SETPOINT®, we have reduced that number to just three.


The inspiration for our user interface was the iPhone. Tap, drag, double tap. Things really should be that easy – and with SETPOINT®, they are. Our touchscreen display is just the tip of the iceberg. Our configuration environment? Simple, and built the way a configuration environment should be – like an Excel spreadsheet. Our module types? Simple. There are only two – the UMM and the TMM – for an easy and less-expensive approach to spares than systems that have dozens of different module types.


OK, let’s be honest. Everyone likes a car with something impressive under the hood. SETPOINT delivers phenomenal DSP horsepower that allows a single module type, such as the UMM, to be configured to do things other systems can only dream about. A single channel in SETPOINT can do more than in competing systems, and that translates to lower hardware costs and channel counts in many instances.


To some manufacturers, “open” means “you can connect to our software.” Is it just us, or does that seem more like “closed”? With SETPOINT, connectivity is truly open. Even the digitized condition monitoring data we collect (yes, that includes waveforms) is published using an open protocol so you can use it with the software of your choosing. And, we’re working on pre-engineered connectivity that will support some of the world’s most widely used software such as the OSIsoft® PI® system.


A SETPOINT system can be as simple as two cards – a Rack Connection Module and a Universal Monitoring Module – or as sophisticated as a 19” rack with redundant data communication, redundant power supplies, local touchscreen display, remote thin-client web-based display, and up to 56 channels of vibration or 84 channels of temperature/process variable monitoring in any mix. Because the same system can be economically scaled to address your most basic and most sophisticated applications, you don’t need multiple system types throughout your facility. Spare parts are simpler. System maintenance is simpler. Operator training is simpler.