System Access Module


The System Access Module (SAM) provides digital communications between the SETPOINT® rack and external systems. Two SAM versions are available: basic (bSAM) and enhanced (eSAM).


The bSAM provides an Ethernet port with NTP protocol for time synchronization to an external clock and MODBUS™ TCP protocol for connection to Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and other automation systems.


The eSAM provides all of the functionality of the bSAM, but adds a second Ethernet port for supplying condition monitoring data (including waveforms) directly to a connected OSIsoft PI system. The eSAM also contains additional components not found in the bSAM, and used to drive the rack’s optional touchscreen display as well as to stream data to the eSAM's optional embedded solid-state hard drive or SD Card reader.  These storage media enable flight recorder functionality and retention of all condition monitoring data for up to one full year, right in the rack.

Protocols supported include:

MODBUS TCP – used for connection to PLC, DCS, and other environments using Ethernet communications; supplies channel values and status conditions (not used for supplying vibration waveforms - see SETPOINT® Open Data below)

MODBUS RTU – identical dataset as MODBUS TCP, but uses serial communications (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485) rather than Ethernet

NTP (Network Time Protocol) – used for synchronizing SETPOINT® system clock with external systems

SETPOINT® Open Data – an industry-first open protocol that is available for use by anyone; used for supplying same data as available via MODBUS protocol, but includes vibration waveforms necessary for condition monitoring; compatible with OSIsoft’s PI system and SETPOINT® CMS Condition Monitoring Software.

The list of embedded protocols is constantly expanding and modules already in the field can be upgraded in-situ using the latest version of System Access Module firmware. A variety of external media and protocol conversion modules are also available for communicating with systems that use Allen-Bradley DF1, Profibus, Fieldbus, GE Ethernet Global Data (EGD), and many others.

Part Number: VC-8000/SAM

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