Setup and Maintenance Software


SETPOINT® Setup and Maintenance Software is designed to run on compatible Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and connects to the rack using a supplied USB cable.  The software allows configuration of all modules and emulation of the optional touchscreen display.  Exceptional ease-of-configuration is achieved by using a spreadsheet-like user interface that permits many channels and configuration parameters to be viewed simultaneously, and cut/pasted to and from programs such as Microsoft® Excel®. The software also permits additional rack configuration and maintenance activities such retrieving module information, downloading firmware updates to modules, bypassing channels, and exporting the MODBUS register map in spreadsheet-compatible format (.csv).

One copy of the software is supplied on a USB memory stick with each order, or can be downloaded at no charge from our downloads page. The memory stick also contains PDF files with all datasheets and manuals. 

Part Number: VC-8000/CSW


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